I have just learned, from Sara in Le Petite Village, about a Raclette.  So dear reader, since Williams-Sonoma has failed to educate me on this modern marvel of cheesy goodness, I will now attempt to fill in the gaps in your own education.

A Raclette is a Swiss invention that melts cheese (shocked that it's a Swiss invention that melts cheese? Fondue anyone?)  But this is a little different.  This is a cheese melter to melt it just enough to spread it on various items (for most people, meats, but since I'm a vegetarian who eats fish or as they say pescatarian or as I say vegequarian) it would be breads, or fruits or veggies...or LOBSTER?!??  Just consider the possibilities of this.

You are wondering what this looks like
As I learned from Sara, basically the cheese melts in the trays and then you begin the spreading...

Now, aren't you furious that Williams-Sonoma has failed you too?  This season, it's all about the Ebelskiver, those Danish filled pancakes. (I *might* have an Ebelskiver pan -- and I *might* have asked for it last year for Christmas...maybe...because I might be obsessed with food from foreign countries.  I know I'm just telling you this now, but, it's part of the 'getting to know you' process.)
Oh...I just had the most marvelous idea.  Ebelskiver pancakes (filled with...chocolate ganache maybe? or Brie? or strawberries? or LOBSTER!!!) and smothered with melted cheese from the Raclette.  Thanks, Europe, for making my food dreams come true.
12/9/2010 07:56:55 pm

No raclettes at William Sonoma?? BLASPHEMY!


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