A few updates on the move...

1) We've scheduled the movers (in 3 weeks to actually come to the house and see what we're moving -- basically an inventory check.)  They are going to ask us which items of furniture we want to move, and which are going into storage.  They *might* expect an answer other than...um. I, uhhh, don't really know.  So, at this point, we haven't decided if we're renting furnished, part-furnished, or unfurnished.  I'm assuming I should *probably* make some of these decisions relatively soon. Non?

2) Also, at this point, we really don't live anywhere, which is apparently problematic when you're trying to get a bank account.  The bank wants to see documentation that we live somewhere in the U.K - i.e. a bank statement with our names and address on it.  So we go through the hassle of changing our U.S. address on our U.S. bank account to the Canadian's address at the UK corporate apartment. (Follow me?) 

The UK bank we've decided to go with calls him and said they need another piece of documentation like a utility bill (nope, corporate apartment) or a council tax bill? (negative -- corporate apartment) -- well then, you need another bank account statement...from a different bank.  Fortunately we actually have a savings account at a different bank but what if we didn't? Is there such a thing as address discrimination?  *sigh* So now we have to change THAT bank's address, wait for that statement to arrive in the U.K. and then...wait for our next bank account drama?

3) The Rotten One is likely not sailing on the boat with us, so now we have some decisions to make.  Basically what this necessitates is that she stay with someone here in Austin while we get over there and find a place to rent that will allow dogs.  Then we need to get moved in.  Then the Canadian will fly back to Texas to pick her up and turn around the next day and fly back to the UK around a month after we arrive in London.  So....anyone want a Rotten One for 6 weeks? 

4) The Canadian has been scouting out various Mexican food and Southern food places in London.  I'm going to try to get him to review a few of them on here for you, just in case you get a hankerin' for something from back home (for you Texpats...or Texas food lovers...)  As an aside, I think I'm going to take a few stabs at making my own tortillas.  I don't think it's all that difficult and I might be able to make big batches and freeze them while in the UK.  If I master them, I'll have a big ol' Texmex party at my new house -- you're all invited.

5) Speaking of that, the Canadian has been checking out the various 'hoods where we might live.  He likes a couple of areas Kensington/Chelsea, Hampstead Heath/Primrose Hill or further out London Borough of Wandsworth or Richmond Upon Thames. 

6) School is kicking my ass.  Which is why I haven't blogged in awhile. I feel like someone should give me a degree in project management since that is pretty much all I do these days -- manage the projects and papers that are due at any given moment.

7) I have also been drinking a lot to manage the stress....

...Ok let's be honest, I always drink a lot, it has nothing to do with stress.  I just really like to drink. 
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4/5/2011 04:10:27 am

ok, I did a full on, long drawn out evil cackle style laugh in response to the image at the end - which should
(A) tell you that I think it's GENIUS and that
(B) school is kicking my ass at the moment too.

Best of luck with all the moving shenanigans.

4/5/2011 04:28:47 am

Hey lady, if you need help with neighborhood advice, drop me a line! Also, just to let you know, most flats in Lonon (at least at the price range I could afford) came at least partly furnished. I think probably though that the high-end flats can be less/not furnished. And good mexican food is hard to find here, though there's a place in Covent Garden that I like! YAY.

4/5/2011 08:28:02 am

One word: Taqueira

My husband would consider moving to Notting Hill just to be closer to this place. http://www.taqueria.co.uk/

4/5/2011 08:36:56 am

B - thanks - I kind of need all the luck I can get. And wine. Luck and wine.

Betsy -- oh, you know as soon as I get there I will be beating down your door for neighborhood advice as soon as I'm in the thick of house-hunting.

AT -- OMG. That place looks SO good!!!! I don't think the Canadian has actually tried that one yet but I'm emailing it to him RIGHT NOW.

4/5/2011 11:55:03 pm

Ah, the ole bank fiasco! That's why I refuse to give up my UK accounts despite not having lived there in 3 years!

I agree with Betsy, it's rare to find an unfurnished place (at all price ranges) unless you're buying so you're probably better off putting everything in storage.

Unfortunately, few, if any, places accept pets (go figure... home of animal rights and all!). I would simply fail to mention this when renting - it's highly unlikely you'd be asked to leave after the fact, but I guarantee you'll struggle to find a pet-friendly landlord beforehand... ; (

This is probably a little more southern than you had in mind, but this is my favourite South American restaurant, mostly for its authentic food and atmosphere:http://www.londontown.com/LondonInformation/Restaurant/La_Piragua/7b4b/

4/6/2011 11:54:43 am

First of all, thank you so much for your awesome comment on my blog. I got so much great feedback, I'll be dedicating my next blog post to it.

Second, Mexican food in Europe and the UK is generally HIGHLY disappointing. And that is coming from a Bostonian (most Texans snub their noses at Boston Mexican food it seems). So, don't get your hopes up. There is an okay taco place in Notting Hill. I can't remember the name... but I will find it and get it to you. If you find a good Mexican place, please let me know!

Oh!! The taqueria place that AT mentioned (I just read the comments) is totally the place I'm talking about.

In terms of places to live: I seriously seriously recommend Chelsea or South Ken. I LOVED living there. It is very central but with a nice neighborhood feel. Although it is expensive... I also have heard great things about Richmond but it's further out and it's really great for families but for a young couple, I wouldn't recommend it. Where does your husband work?

Sorry to hear about The Rotten One. I would totally volunteer to dog sit if I lived in Austin!


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