These two things are completely unrelated, but, since they happened in the space of about 15 minutes, I figured they were worth mentioning together.

Thing 1) I haven't told you yet that I like to garden, but I do.  Gardening is one of those things that I do to 'restoreth my soul' (you can count swimming and yoga in that category too).  For example, I just spent the last 2 hours creating a presentation on the conflict in Libya -- reading about the food insecurities, the people who are starving because of price escalations resulting in an inability to buy food, the bombings by Gaddafi's army, the NATO all just breaks my heart and because of what I study, I am wrapped in these sorts of issues every day. 

So, after 2 hours of reading about the tragedies occurring thousands of miles away, while I sat on my couch with my laptop, drinking tea and making a presentation about human suffering (which makes me feel angry, guilty, helpless and frustrated), I had to go outside and dig in the dirt a little bit....which happens to be the title of one of my favorite Peter Gabriel how I worked me some PG in there?  (if you're interested, he wrote this about going to therapy.)
In any case, when I went outside to do some weeding and to move some plants around and saw that one of my plants looked like it had been I dug around in there and found a caterpillar who was absolutely shredding one of my new salvias.  Now, I just *can't* kill anything that cute and fuzzy but, the little bugger was NOT going to eat any more of my plant, so he was moved to the woods behind my house.  And then I went to another area of the garden...and look what I discovered??
My first strawberry of the season! It tasted so sweet!!!
Thing 2) After eating my awesome strawberry I came back inside and sat down on the couch.  As I did that, the Rotten One ran upstairs and then came barreling back down the stairs...and deposited this on the couch next to me. 
Mama...fill my kong with peanut butter!!!!!
p.s. if you don't have your own Rotten One and have no idea what a kong is -- it's a rubber bouncy thing that you can fill with cheese or peanut butter.  Once upon a time it was a treat for the Rotten One to get a peanut butter kong, but apparently we have now transitioned to demanding it...oy. 

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