I am not entirely sure where I first learned that 'la grippe' was the french word for 'the flu'.  I honestly think it was in a bathroom in Paris where some poster was telling the population to wash their hands for fear of 'la grippe!!!' -- the poster being slightly ominous with melodramatic cartoons.  In any case, ever since, I have not been able to think of the flu without in my head thinking of 'la grippe!!!'

Since December 26th I have had 'la grippe!!!', albeit a mild version, with fevers just barely clearing 100.  I haven't felt at all like posting but I have been reading my newest expat blog, Petite Anglaise (PA) - a UK expat to France. I felt it only appropriate to do some bicultural reading since my flu appears to be bicultural as well - at least in my head.  (Also, I'm all caught up on Not From Around Here, Sara in Le Petite Village, She's Not From Yorkshire, and Is There Such a Thing as too Much Cheese?")

This morning around 5 am, when one of my fevers was breaking, I came across PA's discussion about various words being 'French' or 'English'...and then a discussion on some 'false friends' in language, meaning, words that sound like they SHOULD mean one word, but instead mean another.  (The big one for me is embarasada in Spanish...it does NOT mean embarrassed.) 

PA notes that one french false friend is préservatifs - you might think it means preservatives, mais non, it means condom.  So if you should need to ask, according to PA, if your jam has preservatives, please do not ask "Cette confiture contient-elle des préservatifs?" instead, if it contains condoms.
1/29/2013 05:59:10 pm

But so condoms should be safe.


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