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If you have clicked your way through the interweb and found yourself here by some miracle of the google recipe search or foodie term or seen me tweet about food with other gourmands then you might think this is a food blog. (Because I tend to post about food a lot...like, here, and here, and also here...and I also tweet about my food endeavors)

Here's why it's not. One, there are people who do food FAR better than I do or ever will, and it is their career or main hobby or raison d'etre.  I humbly step aside and do not pretend to be the food people that they are, nor do I want to be.  (Ok, secretly I want to be, but I'm not, so I'm just accepting this and moving on.)

The second reason this is not a food blog is that I, unfortunately, am completely incapable of photographing food.  It's sad that I can plate it and present it, in real life, and it's gorgeous and yet, the moment I get behind the lens, it looks as if I just pulled my cake out of an EasyBake oven and that I am, in fact, five years old.

So, I have surrendered myself to the fact that this will never be a true food blog.

But here's why it is a food blog...sometimes.  I will probably post a lot about food mainly because food and I have been in a bit of a love affair for many years.  I was raised in a (VERY) dysfunctional family, but the one thing that brings us together is a passion for food and cooking (this is my father's side of the family.)  Let me tell you, every female in that family is a phenomenal cook or baker or both (the gene does, however, eschew the Y chromosome in our DNA.) 

When this side of the family gathers, it is a food EVENT whether we are in a restaurant or we've been cooking for days. There is cooking and baking and cocktail making.  We visit restaurants and scour blogs and read reviews because it would unconscionable to come to a city where one of us lives and not have found the best new restaurant or bar or gastro-pub.  We do food for hours, savoring it, discussing it, critiquing it, and in the middle of that meal, we discuss the next one...and sometimes even the one after that. 

The Canadian and I spent all of 2010 in New Orleans (one of the best food cities in America), eating our way through the entire town. The Canadian, by the way, is as food-obsessed as I am -- it wasn't a hard sell when I posed the idea of moving to New Orleans and exploring the food scene there while I went to school.... 

So you will see some posts here in the near future about food (because I have a few things up my sleeve, so stay tuned...) -- and you will certainly see some posts in London about the restaurants we try as we eat our way through the city.  And if you were looking for a food blog, and found an expat blog that sometimes posts about food, because the expat just can't help herself, I'm terribly sorry.    And if you're an expat who was looking for an expat blog and found that the expat tends to post a lot about food, for that I'm sorry too.

This blog is mainly just me: expat, food-obsessed, borderline alcoholic, collector of art, drinker of champagne, cocktails and wine...right I just said borderline alcoholic didn't I? Oh and drinker of tea and coffee (with Bailey's), lover of research (about anything) and spy novels, married to an amazing Canadian, trying to write a dissertation, and writing this blog on whatever topic is going on in my daily life. 
10/2/2013 01:22:44 am

I had no idea it was so easy to create a free blog here at Weebly, thanks.


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