Folks, this is not a drill.  This is an actual expat experience.  The Tier 1 Visa has arrived

After all of the DRAMA!  There were dire warnings by our attorneys that the visa might not happen -- many online fora/forums were updating by the minute about the visa caps or notifications that the Tier 1 Visa was full (or wasn't depending on who was posting.) 

It was pretty imperative that we were given Tier 1 status because the next option was inter-company transfer...and the company for whom the Canadian is working doesn't actually *have* a UK branch - which meant they would need to create one (a much larger drama/dilemma).  But now, as you can see to the left, I have a shiny, sparkly, brand new visa which allows me to live and work in the UK. For real, we are moving to London.

We also discovered that the UK Tier 1 Visas have stipulations.  On both of our visas it states that we are not allowed to work as a doctor or dentist in training -- this is printed on the actual visa in official typography.  On the Canadian's visa, however, below the visa handwritten on his passport it states "No work as a sports professional allowed."  Clearly that was a concern....

Megan, blog reader, also a foodie
1/10/2011 03:59:33 am

You know, people knock British food but there is some excellent stuff out there (even the stodgy comfort food is what you need sometimes!) In a big city like London there is such an eclectic mix anyway.

1/15/2011 01:38:52 am

Just found your blog thorugh your comments on mine. Congrats on your visa! It was so hard for me to get one too. When do you move?

1/17/2011 02:24:34 am

@Megan, FYI, I moved your post to the entry above (which I think you meant to comment on...) and I responded there :)

@IWoM - We move in June. I'm SO sad you're not living in London anymore since I think we could tear up the town a bit...


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