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Several years ago the Canadian and I had a rather dramatic argument about money.  We're actually pretty much on the same page *most* of the time about this topic, but, at the time I wanted a new dining room table and he wanted a vacation.  He thought furniture and other accouterments were frivolous and unnecessary.

We left the argument unresolved and he went out of town to Dallas that evening for a week long client engagement.  That week he was working with a colleague who lived in Dallas and one evening this colleague (we'll call him John) invited the Canadian over to his place.  When the Canadian walked into John's apartment he saw a giant leather sofa, a 60 inch TV and two bar stools. No art. No other furniture. Nothing that made the living space interesting, inviting or warm.

When the Canadian called me that evening, he apologized profusely.  You see, he had a moment of realization that without me in his life, he too would be the bachelor with the leather couch, two bar stools and 60 inch TV.  This goes along with my theory about 'boys left unsupervised'.

You see, I think that boys left unsupervised manage to accomplish things, but in a manner which is generally highly uncivilized.  Yes, they get their hair cut, but it's by the $5.00 barber versus a stylist.  Yes, the house is 'tidy' when mom comes to visit, but open the oven and 6 pizza boxes fall out.  See what I mean? Uncivilized when unsupervised.

I have wondered how he would fare in London without the civilizing/supervising influences of his favorite Texan.  Well it's interesting.  The Canadian is a fabulous cook, so it's no surprise that he's managed to feed himself rather well well...that said, I've begun to notice the slow unraveling of his civilization when he tells me on the phone about his life in London...

For example: Does he have a laundry basket? No.  He uses the washing machine as his laundry basket...just shoves all the clothes in and washes them all at once as soon as it's full. Also, he has been there a month and only two days ago purchased paper towels.  What has he been using to clean the kitchen for the last month?? Toilet paper.

3/26/2011 11:12:03 am

When I was living with the boys, they didn't understand the need for matching dishware and cutlery. They wouldn't even chip in for it - their attitude was that we had enough plates and forks and wouldn't that do? I finally caved and bought it all on my own. Good thing, too, now that I'm living by myself and have taken it all with me!

3/26/2011 12:35:15 pm

Great reprieve from working on my CV! I'm laughing out loud, while simultaneously wondering if I have a male gene or two...

4/3/2011 10:41:53 am

So funny! I love your story about the Canadian going to a friend's house and seeing how he lived and calling to apologize. That's a great story! Although I sometimes use my washing machine as a laundry basket too... Don't tell...

BTW - it's super cheap to have someone clean for you in London. I had a woman come once a week for 20 pounds (and I was overpaying because I felt bad paying less than that). It is soooooo worth it!

4/5/2011 11:45:36 pm

20 pounds a week for cleaning? Wow...sold!


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