Today we take the Rotten One to get her rabies antibody titers taken.  This is just but one of the steps we have to complete in order to ship her over to the UK.  Back in the day, if you wanted to bring your pet to the UK it had to be quarantined for 6 months before it was allowed to roam free on the moors.  Fortunately the Crown has decided it's probably ok if we do this stateside, provided we jump through numerous hoops and provide extensive documentation.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining (and really, I don't blame them), but we have to get all of this in order to texpatriate Dacia.

If you're wanting to take your pooch (or cat or ferret) to the UK, the Pet Travel Scheme info is very helpful and these are the steps you need to follow:

A pet cat or dog, including guide and hearing dogs, must meet certain conditions to be able to enter or re-enter the UK without quarantine. It will have to be:

  1. Identified with a microchip
  2. Vaccinated against rabies (in accordance with the recommendation on the vaccine manufacturer's data sheet)
  3. Blood tested at an EU-approved laboratory and get a satisfactory result
  4. Issued with an EU pet passport or, in a non-EU listed country, a third country official veterinary certificate.
  5. Treated against ticks and tapeworms.

We are basically on step 3 right now -- she's microchipped and had her rabies shot 6 weeks ago, and now needs to be tested to ensure that there are sufficient rabies antibodies in her system.  I suppose it wouldn't be the least bit hilarious if we were the couple who accidentally introduced rabies into the UK -- probably not the best way to begin our adventure, on the front page of the Globe and Mail (I can see the Canadian saying "Sorry eh?").  Conversely, if we did, it would negate the need for future expats to go through the quarantine drama.  (Just kidding official England people or the Queen or anyone who can prevent us from coming into the UK who is reading this blog.  We are appropriately gathering documentation and following all the rules...I promise.  Plus, the Rotten One would like to come over on the QM 2 if you have any pull with Cunard line...)
7/16/2012 07:27:21 pm

This is just but one of the steps we have to complete in order to ship her over to the UK.


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