The last few months have been an incredible journey -- from the moment the Canadian and I decided to move to London, up until this very second as I sit in a hotel room in New York, it has been a profound and radically life-changing adventure.

I have never run a marathon, but I think that those last few miles must be the hardest and most rewarding.  You're pushing yourself, you're exhausted, but you know that if you can just summon the reserves you will finally get to the finish line.  That feels like today -- and yet -- it's only the beginning because you have your next marathon, your next race, your next day of training.

On Sunday the Canadian and I began sorting our belongings mainly into 'storage' and 'sea crate'  but some things went to friends houses or MomE's house or charity.  Fortunately my type A (*cough* anal retentive) personality had pre-labeled bins (storage, moms house, suitcase, K's house, other etc.) already prepped and ready.  We made one room in the house our storage room (everything else being sea crate) and began the process of dividing it all up.

Monday morning, bright and early, the movers arrived and began packing EVERYTHING.  All of a sudden all of the contents of my house were wrapped in packing tape and brown paper...and it was chaotic. (Plus there's nothing like seeing large grown men throwing your lacy thongs into boxes...)  At the end of the day the movers took the storage stuff to some warehouse somewhere (I have no idea where it lives now...) and left for the evening.

Tuesday they returned, finished packing the sea crate, which they then loaded onto the back of a truck, and drove it to Houston.  Ostensibly, it will be loaded onto the ship the SeaLand Racer in a week which will leave the port of Houston and dock in Felixstowe, UK, on June 30 where it will be offloaded and then dropped off to our house in Kensal Rise a few days later after it clears customs. 
The SeaLand Racer (click for source)
Wednesday we had the house cleaned and prepped for renters, we ran a gazillion errands and then headed to MomE's house to pack everything else and spend the night before heading to the airport at 5:30 this morning. 

Now, I've told you in the past that I often have insomnia - and for the most part, I've learned to live with it.  If I just have one night of it, I can usually hang in there and with a few extra shots of espresso, I'm fairly functioning.  That said, I'm sure you might imagine that I haven't been sleeping all that well lately with all of the stress and chaos occurring and have had several days in a row of little sleep.  Wednesday night, however, was pretty much the cherry on the parfait of my insomnia.

You see, the Canadian has had a bit of a cold lately and that night we went to bed at 10 pm (hoping to get around 6 hours of sleep before our flight.)  Well, the Canadian began to snore....ALL. NIGHT. LONG. (And that, my friends, sucked.) I fell asleep around 11:30 pm and woke up at 1:30 am....wound up staying awake until it was time to get up for our flight because of the snoring.

So, all day long today I was napping...on the plane, in the taxi, at the hotel -- I felt like a narcoleptic, I couldn't seem to stay awake anywhere.  Anytime I found a place I could lay my head down (including the nice man on the plane next to me) I would pass out from exhaustion.

And now, here I sit in the hotel room -- the packing is finished, the house is cleaned, we made our flights (with 8 checked bags -- that was disturbing to see), and it feels like I've finished my marathon.  Yet this is only the beginning -- and it feels really odd, but good, but also really sad (because I miss my friends!). 

Today, MomE, the Canadian and I board the Queen Mary 2 for Part 2 of the Journey.
6/10/2011 01:46:10 am

Have a safe and wonderful journey. How fun to make the trip via boat! Very old school.

6/13/2011 01:55:22 am

London awaits you and your Canadian with open arms full of adventures. Be sure and check out the American Women's Club when you get here. It's a lifeline for making friends!


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