Because this is predominantly an expat blog I haven't said much about the goofy relationship that the Canadian and I have... 

We are both individually kind of goofy people but together, well, let's just say we laugh a lot ...
Just to give you an idea of how we roll here are a few conversations that we've had not only in the last few days but also over the years:

Conversation 1
Yesterday while walking through our 'hood the Canadian was pointing out new things
The Canadian: Look, a new nursery...
Me: Did you just say "Nooners are free"?
The Canadian: Yeah....that's what I said...(and he was thinking WTF?! lol)

Conversation 2:
Setting: 4 am, Romania, relegated to crappy twin beds in an even crappier hotel. The Canadian and I are tossing and turning on our hard twin beds.  At one point he flops over onto his belly, and in the moonlight I see him raise his butt and plop it down.  I start laughing because I think it's such a weird thing to do -- the following conversation ensues:

Me: *laughing*
The Canadian: What are you laughing at?
Me: That butt thing you just did -- what WAS that??
The Canadian: *does the butt thing again*
Me: *laughs*  What are you DOING?
The Canadian: That's a butt sigh...cause I can't sleep
Me: a butt sigh?!!  *laughs much harder because it's 4:00 in the morning and we're discussing a butt sigh*

Conversation 3:
The Canadian and I are on chat (i.e. we're chatting online) one day during the day last week discussing our upcoming weekend in Dublin.

Me: Sugar (yes, we call each other sugar) guess what?!!
The Canadian: What?
Me: It's a good thing we're going to Dublin with each other and not alone!
The Canadian: Why is that?
Me: Well, because then we'd be singlin'
Me: and it's better to be doublin' while going to Dublin!!
The Canadian:  :-/  (he was unimpressed with my wit...but I bet you're TOTALLY impressed!!!)

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