Today the Canadian, the Rotten One, MomE and I will be heading out to my Uncle's ranch for Thanksgiving.  You are now wondering who is MomE?  Well, MomE gave birth to me -- 18 hours to be exact.  She and I are pretty much opposites but we love each other and our differences.  She's a smartypants attorney here in Austin and I'm going to miss being a 15 minute drive away from her when I move.  She is, however, accompanying the Canadian and me (and hopefully the Rotten One) over on the QM2 when we Texpatriate. 

MomE has 8 brothers and sisters -- and I have ~30 first cousins and hundreds of second and third ones because my grandfather's brother had 10 kids as did one of his sisters.  MomE also has an identical twin sister, which is pretty cool. My mom's twin had five kids - MomE had one.  At this point, if you have read previous posts, you might say, "but you have a sister!".  I do....and that is why I have to differentiate between MomE, and MomT.

MomT is my step-mother who is no longer married to my dad and is now married to someone else.  She arrived in my life around the time I was five years old, was married to my dad for 17 years --  and I love her dearly.  She also is my sister's mom.  She also has a more complicated family tree (marriages, divorces, halves and steps!) than almost any one I know.  People become very confused when I tell them that MomT has a sister and brother that are younger than her daughter (my sister).  In other words, my sister has an aunt and uncle who are younger than she is.  (MomT's dad remarried a much younger women and had a second batch of kids).  Complicated right? 

Both MomE and MomT have always gotten along really well and actually really like each other  (Hurray for adult behavior!!).  MomE loves my sister and MomT is my second mom.  I love MomE and MomT equally but differently and  I'm very thankful to have two moms -- what a lucky girl :)  You might wonder where my dad is?  Well, I'm not really going to talk about my dad here on this blog except to say that he and I don't communicate and haven't for years.  He doesn't talk to my sister either -- and I will leave it at that.

So, we're heading out to MomE's youngest brother's house.  We'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Aunt and Uncle and my two cousins, their daughters -- all on a big Texas ranch.  It's a little Texas cliche but I'm looking forward to it since I have no idea if I will want to fly home for Thanksgiving next year....or if I will celebrate it in London.  I'm soaking up all of the cheesy Texan and American 'stuff' to hold with me when I am homesick which I inevitably will be.

I'll take photos and post them when I can....

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