Dear amazing expats Sara in Le Petite Village, Not from Around Here, and She's Not From Yorkshire,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Seriously. 

I've had a mini existential crisis lately about the impending move to London.  How will my identity be affected? How will I fit in the universe in London?  Will I be too stubborn to adapt?  Will I still say y'all?  Will any English person ever like me and am I too Texan or friendly or Southern or bossy or loud or direct or outgoing for the Brits?  Will I be able to integrate English into my English?  Will I have any friends?  Will I get my dissertation finished?  Will I be ok when I desperately miss Mexican food and iced-tea and 80 degree weather in November? (Yes, folks, here in Austin the day before Thanksgiving it is 80 degrees...)

You ladies have given me a LOT of fodder to absorb.  I have been devouring you three (well She's Not From Yorkshire is multiple but you know what I mean...) for the last week -- from the beginning of your blogs.  (I'm finished with Sara and She's not from Yorkshire, but only at around May 2009 in Not From Around Here -- probably will finish this afternoon).  I am so thankful that all of you have put yourselves out into the blogosphere and been as honest as you have about the good, bad, ugly and hilarious.  I have appreciated your rants, your frustrations, your coping abilities...the list goes on and every bit of it is helping me to understand what I'm facing and to begin to make some decisions beforehand about my own behavior. 

I know, rationally, I will find my place, I always do. My sister says that I do a really good job of settling into places.  And this is true.  I'm technically an introvert but I have a knack of finding amazing people (particularly women) and making a space wherever I land and so I know that this will not change about me.  But it's the irrational side of me that brings up these questions.

And so, the day before American Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks for the internet and the six newest women to enter my life.  I am grateful they are allowing me to use their collective experiences to begin building a foundation for my own expat time as it approaches.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

p.s.  I have a whole list of blogs that I'm working my way through one by one.  If you have others I need to be reading, tell me! 

11/24/2010 01:52:42 am

WOW! This was amazing! Now it's my turn to say thank you. I'm feeling very sad today, Thanksgiving does that to me, and I've read this and you've completely cheered me up.
So thank you for taking the time to write this. And thank you for reading my blog.
I'm wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and expat experience from the bottle of my Texan heart XOXO


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