As I said here, the Canadian is heading over to London in fewer than two weeks.  At first he thought he would live in a corporate apartment for a month and then find us a house during that month -- but I asked him -- "Have you MET me?"

Let's face it folks.  I'm a little controlling -- not really about people, but about where I live.  The house we live in now?  I found it. I was at the build site every day as it went up, I chose every single color in the house except for the office, I chose the cabinets and backsplash, I found the exact stain I wanted on the concrete and the hardwoods I wanted upstairs.  I chose fixtures and trim color and the NINE different paint colors and yes, I had a full-time job too and was also planning the wedding.  I even closed on the house entirely by myself which took hours because I had to sign not only for me, but also as the power of attorney for the Canadian (he was off somewhere at a customer site as per most of our relationship).

But honestly, this dynamic has worked out well for the both of us - he's relieved to not have to deal with those details and I love them, so it works.  (Just so you don't think the Canadian is totally emasculated, I do check in with him on all these decisions, but he's an easy going laid back Canadian which makes us work quite well together.)

Back to the original point of this post (now that I've revealed I'm sort-of a control freak) we had to find a corporate apartment that would be a good place for him to live for the next 3 months (near work, decent 'hood, yada yada).  In addition, it needed to be a good place for us to live together for a month during which time my full time job is to find us a place to actually move into during this jaunt across the pond. So we've been on the internet hunt (with the help of a realtor in London) for a temporary place that meets all of the Canadian's immediate needs but also works for the both of us when I arrive.

Success at last -- we've found our temporary digs.

Our expatriation will include a lovely stay at the Warwick Road Apartments in Earl's Court. (All photos attributed to SilverDoor Apartments)
So, this is where I'll be living from mid-June to mid-July during which time, I have to find a house (stay tuned for THAT adventure).  But at least we have a temporary place and if we need to extend our time there, it's possible as it's well under our housing budget.  Good news all around.  I'll keep you posted as to what the Canadian thinks of  the place and the 'hood for any soon-to-be expats out there who might need a recommendation for corporate housing. 
2/2/2011 05:12:05 am

FYI, real estate agencies don't work at all like in the states. A listing might list with several agencies, and might have different prices depending on clientele of the agency. If you are using Foxton's, for instance, they will only have info on their own listings. The agent can get you into other listings, but for research it is difficult to find some site will all the available listings in your area. Primelocation is probably the most comprehensive. Short advice, before searching for places, research how to search for places in London.

2/2/2011 06:32:55 am

I have read about this...I'm not really looking forward to the search! Oy.

2/3/2011 09:44:18 pm

Glad you're on top of this. I now interrupt your expat musings to give you this video that a Canadian married to a Texan might find hysterical in the current unusual weather.

2/3/2011 10:21:16 pm

HAHA, that's brilliant! I've used it in my post for today -- thanks for passing that along!!

2/14/2011 08:05:03 am

Cool. Earls Court is nice! And lots to do.

You should look at living in the Chelsea/South Ken area. Sooo nice. I loved living there. Let me know if you want any advice.

2/14/2011 09:09:41 am

Always want/need advice!! Feel free to dispense it!!

We are looking all over London, and definitely Kensington/Chelsea is on the list for sure.


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