It's been a bit of a crazy week, and I haven't had a lot of time to post, but I promise, I have a surprise post for you just to make up for it!  It's in the works right now, so look for it either Sunday or Monday.

Today, however, I'll be gone all day at TEDx.  If you haven't heard of TED or TEDx -- the are talks given around the world by the best and brightest in any industry -- anywhere.  From Pulitzer Prize winning journalists to technology gurus.  It's worth a google if you get a chance.  I'm going to a local one (hence the little x after TED which means independently organized), but it promises to be spectacular.  I'll let you know!

I thought I would leave you with one specific TED talk speaks to what I am studying.  If you've noticed, I try and steer clear of what I'm working on for my Ph.D. because honestly, research talk is rarely interesting to anyone but the researcher.  You can pretty much put an entire room to sleep talking about academics -- believe me, I know -- I've been one of those poor souls in an audience while some pompous professor bloviates about his latest find. 

That said, at its most general, what I study is global poverty solutions, also known as International Development.  Here's a fabulous TED talk about one aspect of IDEV, which is oppression of women.  If you have about 15 minutes today, have a listen...most of my readers are women and many of you have daughters.  We all need to at least be aware that in much of the world, daughters are considered irrelevant and useful only for producing sons. 

I hope, that in some way, what I do with my degree will change a tiny slice of the world...but the first step is knowing what to change.  That's why I love talks like these -- they make us aware of something that we might not have known about before. 

So, I am looking forward today to walking away from this (10 hour) conference knowing a little more than I knew yesterday!  If something fabulous emerges, you'll be the next to know.
2/22/2011 01:41:52 am

Excellent talk. Gender inequity is the challenge of this century, and educating women is the best longterm solution to terrorism. If this is what some of your research is about, bore me anytime.
I'm stealing this video too. By the way, for happier fare, this was my introduction to TED:
and I later found this talk on fashion:


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