Well, I said I wasn't going to update until after my vacation but I lied, because something happened yesterday that is surely worthy of a quick blog post...

At around 11:30 am, I went to go meet some of my pals at a restaurant near Oxford Circus.  Now, we usually don't eat near the touristy places because, well, we're locals.  But, this place had good reviews for Mexican food and we wanted to see what the fuss was about. Yep, pretty decent!  Then, one of my pals had never been into the store Liberty (just around the corner), which is 5 floors of fabulousness.  If I could make a department store, I would make Liberty.  I love that place.

So, we walk in and wander....and wander...and wander.  At some point, I open my purse to see a text message from the Canadian (my purse which is always across my body) and I put my phone back in it.  And then we wander some more.  Eventually we head out the door and, like I always do when I leave a store or restaurant, I reach for my phone -- which isn't there.  I dig through my purse, no phone.

We go back inside and re-trace our steps...no phone.  I *know* I didn't set it down -- I'm just not really that person - and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm pretty attached to this damn thing (that is a whole 'nother discussion about technology addiction but we'll save for another day) and I just don't casually leave it places.  My girlfriends were saying the same thing -- they were pretty sure I wouldn't leave it somewhere.  And one of my friends had noticed some shady characters while we were in the elevator at one point.

So after retracing our steps and not finding the phone - we leave, the girls head home and I head to the Mac store.  I walk in say "I have a problem, I think my phone has been stolen" and she says "do you have iCloud?" and I responded that I did -- so we set to work.

I had never used iCloud since I had just downloaded it about 8 weeks ago, but as it turns out, it is pretty amazing.  I was able to get online, send a message about my missing phone TO my phone and send a remote lock message both of which would occur once the phone was back online.  We couldn't locate it because they had either turned it off, or, were underground on the tube.  At this point, there was nothing left to do, so I went home.

Once I was back near my computer, I turned on iCloud again and about 15 minutes later the phone showed up in East London in a neighborhood called Seven Sisters which is a pretty dodgy area.  This told me that I had not lost my phone inside the store, but someone had actually stolen it.  Nothing against living in dodgy 'hoods since I've lived in a lot of them and I tend to prefer them, but, just saying, it wasn't Chelsea.  Once the phone was online, the remote lock was activated (thus locking them out of my phone) and unless they were rockstar jailbreakers this prevented them from getting to my information.

I called the police (who were efficient and pleasant to work with) and filed a report.  I also called Liberty and spoke with customer service who said they would watch their cctv footage to see what they could find.  And then, the Canadian came home and we went and bought a new phone, because we were both fairly certain that phone was not going to be returned.

A couple of notes about this entire process:

1) We had phone insurance through our home insurance -- this saved us around $400 in replacing the phone.  We basically replaced the phone for the cost of the deductible. If you can get insurance, you should.

2) The process of contacting 3 (our mobile carrier) and reporting it lost and then filing a claim was incredibly efficient.  They took the serial number and blacklisted it (so the phone can never be used again by any carrier) and gave us a claim number.  We then called our insurance provider, gave them the claim number for the lost phone and within five minutes we were issued a check which would be direct deposited into our account.  Amazing.

3) I had a moment, when we were replacing the phone, when I felt grateful to be in a position to actually even be able to replace the phone.  I am very aware that so many people scrimp and save to be able to afford what I was able to replace within a few hours, and had their phone been stolen, they would have had little recourse except to hope that the police recovered it.  Money does not make you (or me) happy, but, what I realized is money can mitigate bad circumstances more easily. 

We had house insurance because we could afford to.  We had money that allowed us to replace the phone in the meantime.  Money took what could have been a truly shitty experience and made it so much easier.  I don't ever want to apologize what the Canadian and I both work hard for, but, I also think it's good to be aware of what you have so that you understand that when you can monetarily (or by donating time etc) ease someone else's suffering -- you should do that.  What I mean is, if you have the means to donate to a cause that resonates with you - then do it. Because I could have just as easily been me back in college when I was broke, and fighting with my family and living on (not kidding) tiny hotdogs and a gallon of milk living in a trailer.  I've been that person.  I've had $20 a week to eat on.  And if I had lost my phone then, I would never have been able to replace it.  So, I'm aware, and incredibly grateful, that this somewhat crummy day was easily remedied with a quick trip to the mall.  And let's face it. I lost a phone. It was never the end of the world, just kind of a bad day.

So, to all of the people who helped me yesterday (my friends, Liberty,  the police, the employees at the Regent street Mac store, the Canadian) thank you -- I appreciate you.  And, I'm grateful for the reminder of how fortunate I am and that I need to remember to look for opportunities to make other people's lives better as well however I can do that.

8/16/2012 09:56:09 pm

Womp. So sorry this happened to you, but glad it all worked out smoothly. And so impressed at how you kept you head!

8/16/2012 09:56:43 pm

"impressed by" not "impressed at" - oops.

8/16/2012 11:11:29 pm

I love the lesson! I've been that person, too. Electricity turned off and no money to buy diapers. You are right. It's important to appreciate what we have and look for ways to help others. I'm glad everything turned out okay. I hope there is justice for the punks that took the phone. And I appreciate the life lesson! Have a WONDERFUL cruise!!!!!

8/17/2012 11:55:06 pm

Really great to see you so positive about a negative experience! I hope it resonates with many people. I know your subtle reminder is just what I needed! I promised myself I'd send a check to an organization I support once my own circumstances changed for the better... now seems like a great time to do that!


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