It all started when Sonia went to the grocery store and brought home a coconut...

And then, I had an idea...
You see, Sonia and I had been hard at work on research all day long, and I felt like maybe it was time for a study break.
The makings of an excellent study break.
So we decided to go bowling.
The pins are set up.
And I go first...
Not tooo bad...
Now it's Sonia's turn
Coconut roll
And it's a strike!!
And then it's my turn -- and I took a little 'Ph.D. frustration' out on my 'pins'
You can just barely see the coconut to the top right of the grate.
Notice that you don't see any pins? That's because I scattered them all over the house with my aggression.
And then Sonia tries to replicate her earlier success...
Gutter ball
All this goes to never know when a coconut at the grocery store will become a study break for two relatively crazy girls...(and now, you'll never look at a coconut the same way again)...
3/15/2011 07:47:52 am

At least now if anyone asks you WHY you have a Coconut, you can answer them honestly with

"That's how I BOWL".

(If you could accompany this with a gang-sign or a "Dawg" or "Yo", it would improve the delivery I feel.)


Great blog - now back to work for both of you!

9/25/2012 09:21:16 pm

Hello, I love reading your blog. It is really very impressive. I want to leave a comment in your support. Carry on with good continuation. Best of luck for your blogging efforts.

3/15/2011 02:16:30 pm

Bwahahaha -- right?!

Yeah, dawg, cause that's how I bowl!!

3/17/2011 07:15:26 pm

Try as I might I would never be able to top B's comment.


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