And by some, I mean me. 

Summer in Texas is my happy place -- 100 degree days, swimming pools, Amy's ice cream, freezing watermelon and especially Saturdays on the lake with a cold beer in my hand -- then when you're worn out from all day on the lake (and you're still a more than a little drunk) finding a Mexican food place, sitting on the patio laughing and sipping margaritas and eating chips and salsa. Bliss.

Yesterday I had this horrible bout of homesickness. I wanted heat -- like jalapeno heat on my tongue and sweltering Texas sun heat on my shoulders (with everything below the shoulders bobbing in Lake Travis).  I wanted TexMex and sunshine something fierce and I just couldn't seem to shake it no matter how hard I tried.

I figured I needed to at least satiate what I could, so the Canadian and I decided we should stock the house with some proper Mexican food ingredients.  If nothing else, this could at least help with the jalapeno side of things.

Thus, my heat-craving homesickeness led us to a random side street in Bethnal Green checking out Casa Mexico - a Mexican import store. (NotfromAroundHere gave me a heads-up on Twitter about this place!)
Little did I know that when this photo was taken (shortly before we entered) that I would never be as happy as I was in that moment to be assailed by Mexican folk music. It was like a little slice of home and I wanted to ask the lady behind the counter if she would mind if I just hung out there for awhile (and by awhile I mean, every day that I live in London...)

But I held it together (and did NOT grab onto her knees and beg for her to adopt me), and wandered around the store. 

I restrained myself from buying the Mexican glassware (cheap and ubiquitous in Texas) -- just so I could be reminded of home.  Although, I really really really wanted to.
And then we made our way to the little grocery section and I might have gone on a little shopping spree (driven by panic that the store might close someday (no evidence of this - just my irrational mind) and then it would be my last grasp at civilization...)

So I loaded up the bag. Salsa verde? Yes please!! Pipian sauce? I think I will!! Refried black beans? Don't mind if I do!!! Flour tortillas?  Hell to the yes!!
Before I cleaned them out of course...
After wistfully wandering around the store for awhile, the Canadian told me that we really should go (you can read that as, pulled me out of there kicking and screaming) and we headed home with our loot. 

Now of course this morning I awakened needing to scratch that Tex-Mex I made myself some breakfast tacos with my newly acquired ingredients.  (You can read my other post on breakfast tacos here)

Ay, Dios Mio.  So. Damn. Good.  And now, this Texpat is happy.
Tortillas harinas, queso, huevos, frijoles negros y salsa.
7/11/2011 03:05:29 am

I'm droooooooooling. Must visit store asap!

7/11/2011 06:22:17 am

In fact, I just had fajitas for dinner - Sainsbury's can get it right sometimes! Glad you've found a happy place :)

7/11/2011 06:17:08 pm

Yep, it's the heat that you'll miss the most, both from the sun, and from the spice.


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