Well, the sea crate arrived yesterday -- and with it all of our stuff that isn't in storage.  Which, I discovered much to my disappointment, was a lot.  While there is more physical space in this house (versus our home in Austin) there is a LOT less storage space.  And, space in this house is used SO inefficiently.  Which drives me a little insane (major pet peeve is space wasting) but, I've promised myself this would not be a blog about all the things that irritate me about London so...


The sea crate arrival brought some interesting surprises.  The first surprise was:
1) Our bed didn't fit upstairs.  Not the bedroom mind you, which is twice the size of my bedroom in Austin.  No. It didn't fit up the actual stairs.  Awesome.

So, we started problem solving. We would need to take the bed apart -- which was it's own special hell.  The bed was hand-built in Austin (not custom-made for us --the guy who built it had made it for his wife and we bought it on Craigslist years ago) -- but when anything is made by someone else they aren't really thinking of how to get it apart, they are thinking about how to make it stay together, by any means possible.

So, while the movers moved in the rest of the furniture and boxes, the Canadian began disassembling the bed. There were a lot of ripping noises accompanied by the banging of mallets and screwdrivers and the sounds paint being scraped.  At one point I was pretty well convinced that all the King's horses and all the King's men would not be able to put that bed back together again.
The Canadian disassembling the bed. Me behind the camera photographing for the blog trying to control my panic.
I finally decided I was too traumatized to watch the bed being torn to bits (you can't tell from the photo but there was some damage being done right there...) so I went into the kitchen to begin unpacking the boxes that were piling up.

And for the next two hours my life looked something like this:
An ocean of paper and cardboard. The Rotten One might even be in there somewhere...and maybe Jimmy Hoffa
2) The next surprise came when I was helping the movers put the plant holders in the garden.  I might have accidentally imported a family of wasps into the UK. Wups.  Hope it's not like rabies where it didn't exist before and now suddenly it does....
Imported wasp nest. Accidentally left off the customs form.
So the Canadian and I worked on unpacking for a few more hours and managed to get the kitchen looking something like this:
Kitchen table. Nowhere to eat now, but at least it's unpacked.
And here's half of the living room. If you would draw your attention to the upper left hand corner you might be able to make out a very tall bar table and two bar stools. We have nowhere to put those except a small alcove upstairs...where I guess we will drink in a random alcove next to the bedroom? 
3) And finally, surprise 3. When someone else is doing the packing of your house, you take care to pack in your suitcase things that might be, shall we say, uncomfortable for the movers to pack. You know, like your well-worn version of the Kama Sutra (with dog-eared pages) or your purple, grape-flavored massage oil. 

Well, I thought I was SO careful about all of *those* items...but it seems I forgot an item.  Which, because this blog is PG-13, I won't disclose.  But, it was SO embarrassing to open that box and see it lying there. On top. Lime green. You can't miss it. Awkward. 
7/7/2011 12:38:57 am

AHHH! I can relate. I made sure to pack all the unmentionables myself, leaving behind a few that would go in my suitcase. Well, my father came down from NY to help me pack up the house and guess who saw some of my unmentionables. Oh boy. I was mortified.

7/7/2011 08:18:12 am

I'm trying not to laugh. Honest, I am. Storage, stairs and inefficient spaces. Pretty good sum up. I didn't know to measure the first time either. And your packers took the moving trash right? It is harder to get rid of that stuff than you might imagine.

7/7/2011 03:36:21 pm

HA HA HA!!! I hid my neon pink thing wrapped in like a million t-shirts.
And I'm feeling you on the lack of storage space and useless space. America spoils us for logical house planning.

7/8/2011 01:31:44 am

7/8/2011 01:34:06 am

For you ladies with the neon unmentionables, and for Texpat who will soon learn about Ocado:
Condom delivery reminded me of y'all.


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