You know what's awesome? Proper Tex-Mex.
And driving a car everywhere.
And seeing friends and family.
And iced-friggin-tea.
And cheap pedicures.
And 75 degree days.
And cheap restaurant food.

And clothes/shoes that fit. And are half the price of London. 

You know what's not awesome?  Being away from the Canadian and the Rotten one.  That makes everything else not as awesome. 

But still. ICED TEA. Y'all.

1/30/2012 04:35:33 am

You know what's awesome?

Having Sarah back in Texas....

1/30/2012 08:24:19 pm

Oh please bring some of that Tex-Mex and 75 degree weather back to England with you!. Super cute blog here, so glad I found you. I'm an American living in Oxfordshire... would love for you to stop by and see me on my blog!

2/3/2012 05:41:39 am

So cool that you're enjoying life back home but yes, I can imagine it is not fun without the husband and pup!


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