Tomorrow is our five year anniversary of marriage (The Canadian and Me).  We usually take a trip to the Caribbean to celebrate, but because it's been five years and because we've been in New Orleans for the last year, we decided to use our annual trip money to throw a fabulous party in Nola for all of our friends from Texas.

When I went to try on all of my fancy dresses to see which one I wanted to wear to the party, I had quite a surprise -- none of them fit, and not in the bad way.  Over the last 3 years I've lost 30 lbs (VERY slowly) and some of the dresses are a couple of years old and I just hadn't worn them in awhile.  So, imagine my surprise when I realized, I had nothing to wear.  Normally, I would go out and buy a new dress, but, note (as I said yesterday), that I have had the flu...so shopping has not really been an option.  My only choice, from my skinnier days, was a bridesmaids dress from my friend's wedding.

I know...I know.  You are all gasping.  Here's the deal though, I LOVE the dress, well, I love the style.  My friend let me choose the style (yay!!) -- but sadly not the color (booo).  I would have chosen black (my sister is no doubt rolling her eyes here since I've been fully ensconced in black for decades), but my very frilly, girly friend, chose pink.  Hot pink. Pepto pink.

Pink is my LEAST favorite color in the entire world.  Ever.  I am not really very girly (sexy is different, btw) and was quite crushed when my friend said I needed to order the dress in pink.  It was her wedding, naturally, but I still was sad to order this gorgeous dress in a color I loathed.  Nonetheless I have kept the dress in my closet in hopes that I might find someone to dye it black.  But for tomorrow, I will wear my hot pink dress, and hopefully look so hot that the Canadian will want to stay married for many more years.  (Or he will be blinded by the pink which will have the same effect...)

In other news, the flu has now moved into my intestines.  We stopped every 90 miles or so on the 8 hour drive for me to deal with my GI drama.  I am now sipping my hot pink pepto like it's a New Orleans cocktail (Sazerac? French 75?) in preparation for our gorgeous party tomorrow because I'd really love to be able to eat again.  And drink. (Upside is, I've lost 4 more pounds...)

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