So I said in my last post, that I needed to clean out my closet and that I was going to procrastinate...but instead, I decided to clean out my closet. 

So the Canadian and I got busy last night (not in the biblical way, but in the closet cleaning way) and went through mounds of clothes.  It's actually really difficult to get rid of clothing -- so much of it has less to do with how it looks but about its sentimental value.  For example, I made the Canadian keep the awful orange shirt that he wore on our first date. 
Not really the most romantic first date shirt...he's much more fashionable these days.
And I just couldn't seem to part with some of my old t-shirts.  The Canadian had to pry my old powder puff football t-shirt from HIGH SCHOOL out of my hands.  Never mind that it was literally in shreds (with giant holes in inappropriate places!) and covered in yellow stains.  I finally relinquished it to the garbage.

But, I'm quite proud of our accomplishments.  Not only did we get rid of tons of clothes, we got rid of HUNDREDS of hangers (both plastic and dry cleaning -- it's really embarrassing how many there were).  It's amazing how much room is now in our closet.  I think I have one more round of purging to do before we move, but this has been a really good start. 

I should also say, I promise we are not crazy hoarders -- the rest of our house is regularly purged...I think the closet sort of got away from us. 
You should see the bin with the dry cleaning hangers!!
Our mound of clothes. Note that the Canadian is parting with his 'I am Canadian' t-shirt.
9/24/2012 08:37:34 pm

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