Ok, so the Canadian casually mentioned over dinner that he was leaving for London in three weeks (see here -- I don't join him until June) --  and all of a sudden I felt the panic begin to tailspin...

The timeline is this:
He leaves on February 12th and arrives in London on the 13th.  Works in London until Feb. 26th.  Home to Austin for a couple days (hopefully including my birthday) and then taking off again back to London without me for 12 weeks...

It's not like I didn't know the dates -- it just hadn't really *registered* -- but now it seems so tangible and so soon.  Part of the onset of the panic because I know that once he leaves, I will get approximately 7 or 8 days of him over the following 14 weeks.

I could use some reassurance from my expat friends that it will be ok, that I can pack an entire house by myself, get the dog ready, finish my coursework, work on my dissertation, and generally make it through those 14 weeks managing to get through the day to day before heading over....holy crap.  This feels very real all of a sudden. 

Did any of you experience this? 
1/24/2011 11:42:25 am

It is really stressful to move, so I don't blame you for panicking! But I have always moved alone without the help of anyone. I'm sure you will be fine. Plus, it's good that you are realizing there is a lot to do - that way you will plan better.

Some days will be hard. But there will the that excitement that will keep you moving.

Looking forward to hearing more about it! I'm so excited for you! I'm off to London for a visit this week. I can't wait!

1/24/2011 12:17:06 pm

I'm so bummed you don't still live in London because we would SO be drinking champagne together!! Have a great time.

I know I will be ok -- in fact, I realized the other day that I've packed and moved every house by myself...granted not to London, but still...

Most of my life is spent w/o the Canadian but just sort of had one of those 'holy crap' moments where I felt alone and overwhelmed. Still having them, but I think I'll be ok :)

1/26/2011 04:39:28 am

Yes! My husband went ahead and started working in London while I stayed behind in Austin and waited to sell the house. Thankfully it sold in a day and I got to join him a month later! But moving house and sorting everything out was crazy. But if you have a great support group to lend a shoulder and dry your frustrated tears you will be fine.

1/26/2011 05:22:28 am

Yes, it hit me all the sudden too. Once we finally signed the job contract, our turn-around time was about a month. We even spent two weeks living at my parents once our furniture was gone and we moved out of our condo. I agree with Melizza that having a support group to help during the packing (and purging!) as well as to provide some fun on the nights when stuck staring at an empty home is a great asset. Take it one item at a time... and if you ever need advice on the animal quarantine bit, give me a holler!

P.S. Thanks for the blog link. :)

1/26/2011 07:00:55 am

Sounds like standard expatriating except you have a bit more notice, so have that anticipation problem. Anticipating is often the worst bit. Stay organized, keep going. You'll be here soon.
Do you know where-ish yet?


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