I know I owe you some updates...
i.e. the continuation of the Mr. Big story, and the TEDx update.  TEDxAustin, still has not posted their videos (which are kind of central to what I want to talk about...) so I'm waiting on those, and the Mr. Big story is taking a backseat because I feel like I need to purge about packing up my life and moving it to London.

Here's the thing about packing overseas, at least in our case.  It's not 'let the movers come pack everything' and it's not 'store everything and start fresh' or 'sell everything and buy new' -- it's somewhere in between all of these.

What I have to decide with every single, tiny, item in this house is represented in this packing diagram:

So, you see, each item has to go through the chart -- the main tree being to keep or donate, and then if I keep it, does it go to storage (in which case I need to pack that now before the movers get here) or just leave it for the movers to pack.

But sometimes, there are things I want to give away, or toss, or they require an entirely different action, in the 'Do Something Else' category.  For example, I have all of my *stuff* from my wedding that has needed to be put into a scrapbook or album of some kind.  Uh...mind you, I was married over five years ago, but we are not going to talk about that...in any case, I sorted it and organized it but now it actually needs to be put into a scrap book.  Awesome.  One MORE thing to do while I'm packing my life up, taking an obscene amount of coursework, driving back and forth to New Orleans, writing papers, researching my dissertation -- and you know, having a drink once in awhile.

And each thing I pack requires a thought process, like, do I need this in the next year or more? Do I think I will still want it?  Do I feel like I need this in London given the limited space? Do I want this now? Would someone else want this?

For every action, there is a re-action. For every item, there is a to - do list. Pack it. Donate it. Throw it away. Give it away. Make a damn scrapbook.  So once the decision is made, I STILL have to do something about it.

Sometimes I just walk into a closet with the intention of tackling it, and I just wind up staring at it for twenty minutes feeling utterly crippled with indecision and then I turn around and go drink a bottle of wine.
3/22/2011 09:15:17 pm

Moving can be SUCH a pain! Suggestion: as much as you love your electronics, don't bring them. Store them or sell them if you're planning on being in the UK for a long time. They won't work here without an adapter, anyway, plus often (I have heard) you can buy gently used UK electronics from expats making the move back to the US who don't want to bring these things with them. Just something (else!) to research!

3/23/2011 01:06:51 am

hahah, truly. Fortunately we recently did 'the great electronic purge' and got rid of most of our US electronics. The ones we have left (laptops) we bought UK converters or plugs for them. And a couple of them actually just adapt to the voltage on their own.

There are a couple of electronics we'll store (i.e. my slow cooker etc) and we have two TVs that will be donated closer to move date.

I really like your idea of buying the gently used expat electronics from the re-patters. Interesting, something to research indeed!!

3/23/2011 02:32:56 am

I feel you!!! This was me last year at this very same time. My husband was in England and I was left behind to close on a house and get sh!t sorted. What a mess. Stay strong! And have a garage sale. We made lots of money from it. Who would have thought?

3/23/2011 02:34:46 am

PS- If you plan on moving back keep those electronics in storage. There was no way in hell anyone was going to make me sell my ice cream machine and Kitchenaid appliances.

I do miss them very much.

4/3/2011 10:34:37 am

Ahhhh!!! I know this chart SO well... I totally get where you are coming from. And my only advice is something you have already taken to heart - DRINK LOTS OF WINE! Oh - and know that you WILL get through it even when it seems unmanageable. Good luck with all your packing (and wine drinking).


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