As every Texan lady can attest, shoes here in Texas have a common theme: nudity.

In Texas our shoes like to expose our various parts.

Sometimes they expose our toes...
Peep toe. (Click for attribution)
And sometimes our heels...
The mule. (Click for attribution)
Sometimes, our toes and heels...
Peep-toe slingback. (Click for attribution)
And sometimes our feet are vented...
Lattice front peep toe (Click for attribution)
But most of the time, our feet are wearing the equivalent of a girl in a thong bikini...
Flip flop. (Click for attribution)
Thong. See? Very similar. (Click for attribution)
The reason our feet tend toward extreme nudity is because it's generally quite hot here (recent weather notwithstanding) and our feet like the fresh air.  And surely, by now (loyal readers), you know that I am moving to London -- which means you have guessed (because you're exceptionally smart) that my footwear is completely inappropriate to wear in London. 

So, I'm thinking that this girl is going to need some new shoes!  Fortunately, while still in the U.S., I have access to DSW and ZapposMama needs some cute shoes to run around London!

Here are a few contenders -- let me know what you think!? (All photos are clickable to their sources)
As an aside, on the topic of shoes, I have already made my most important shoe purchase. You see, because I did get the memo that it rains a lot in London, I figured I would need a pair of rain boots (or Wellies in the UK), since I don't actually own any.  So, I found the perfect pair for a girl born on Texas Independence Day, in Texas.  Let's face it, you can take the girl out of Texas but you can't prevent her from having some bona fide cowgirl wellies!
{Click for attribution}
2/11/2011 07:17:14 am

It's still remarkable to me how many girls run around these hard streets in flimsy ballet flats. Those and lots and lots of flat boots - with jeans/leggings tucked in of course.

2/11/2011 08:50:46 am

That look just does not really work for me...but I remember you blogging about it one day. I really don't like flats except for flip flops. Hmmm...London and I might have a fashion dilemma.

2/12/2011 09:47:56 pm

Smart girl to think ahead. Almost none of your shoes will work over here. Flip flops might get wear for a couple of weeks around June. Ballet flats are not appropriate for lots of walking. Those last boots before the wellies, go with those. The other boots, cute, but how much are you going to be walking? You'll need a few less heels. Low wedges are the most comfortable walking heels. Don't even think about spikes or kittens unless for a date or at the office. And get a pair of MBT's before you leave Austin. Break them in slowly.

2/14/2011 07:58:46 am

Cowboy Wellies! Awesome. You will need them. ;)

3/22/2011 09:24:31 pm



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