It has happened.  The day has finally come when the Canadian and I have decided to embrace the fact that we are 11 years into this century and we should finally convert all of our music into mp3s.  (It's on my list of things to do before, time to get with it.)

To be honest, I'm mortified to be admitting this.  Both the Canadian and I are extremely tech savvy, and are generally early adopters of technology.  I was on IRC (an early chat platform) when only total nerds and geeks used it.  The Canadian is a software consultant -- he has a degree in Computer Science.  We own smartphones (me iPhone, he an android).  I put together, by myself, my first computer - and taught myself DOS. 

Ok, so, I'm just desperately trying to convince you here, that we are not luddites, incapable of 'programming a VCR' so to speak (but my family did have one of the first betamax machines!).

Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that we still own hundreds of CDs and a 100-disc CD changer and none, not one, of our CDs has ever been converted to an mp3.  So last night we took the plunge into 2011 and began the arduous process of converting all of these CDs to mp3s. 

Now...the next part is to actually purchase mp3s to replace my tapes.  And my Simply Red tapes are sitting next to me as a reminder.  Do not judge me...

UPDATE: I have found my Air Supply CD!!!  (Greatest hits of course)...
1/4/2011 05:57:42 pm

Before moving to France I burned all of my CD's onto my ipod and then gave them all away. it was like Xmas everyday in my office for awhile as I would always come in with random belongings and hand stuff out.

Happy New Years to you! :-)


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