Dear London weather,
You knew this chat was inevitable right?  It was bound to happen.  I have an app on my iPhone that has been informing me of your recent weather issues.  It's been cold, and snowy, and rainy and I'm frankly unimpressed.  This Texas girl is transplanting herself to your lovely country, so you knew we were going to have to talk about this. 

In Texas, it's sunny, a lot.  There are many a winter day where the temperature hovers around 80F (that's around 27C to you).  Sometimes it rains but only for a day or so.  There are a few days in late January/early February, where the temperature reaches freezing but then by Mid-March, the weather is pretty much gorgeous until next January.  Yes, London weather, I know that you are struggling with this conceptually -- because frankly, you have a reputation.  I've read a LOT of Victoria Holt, and other Gothic romance writers -- and a LOT of fiction set in London. Not one of these authors describes the weather in London as sunny, balmy, and warm.  The usual description is something like this (I wrote this myself, try not to be impressed with my creative writing skills)

She awakened, disturbed by last nights events, and struggling to recall what exactly he said to her.  Wine, there had been a lot of wine. Which explained the pounding in her ears as she slowly made her way out of bed.  She moved to the window and parted the curtains -- the skyline of London was obscured by the drizzling rain and a chill seeped through the cracks in the windows.  The gray, depressing days seemed endless....

So you see, even though I just wrote that, I've had a lot of help over the years from other, more knowledgeable, locals who have basically warned me through their writings that you, dear London weather, are not ideal and you're really going to have to improve.

**thinks about this issue for awhile**

I've decided after writing the above, that this scenario is probably not going to go in my favor (no matter how many blog letters I write to you) and is instead going to look something like the 'inevitable boyfriend won't change scenario' in an advice column question. 

"Dear Advice Columnist -- my boyfriend (London weather), won't change -- how do I make him change?  I'm only doing it for his own good.  People would like him more if he changed.  He will be more pleasant to be around and people will want to visit with him more.  I know I can change him, and our lives will improve dramatically.  My depression will go away (Seasonal Affective Disorder)"  -- Signed, Disappointed that I don't have magical powers to make everything in the world go exactly my way.

The problem here is that I really don't want to hear the advice columnist's answer which will likely look something like this:

"Dear Disappointed,
Men (aka London weather) don't change.  There's a reason that there's an entire brand of outerwear called London Fog -- this is not an accident.  You have known about this from the beginning.  Suck it up and get a lamp for your SAD." -- Signed, Unsympathetic to your plight because you are acting like a princess

London fog trench coat...for the rain.
Actual London fog
SAD lamp.

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