Since this is what I do/eat every morning (after coffee), without deviation, and it was born in London, maybe it's time you heard about my favorite breakfast....

Awhile back I discovered my favorite breakfast of all time.  Like ever. In. The. World. Everyone who has visited me since my breakfast discovery has fallen in love with some aspect of this breakfast.  I'm telling you, it is like pillows of heaven dancing on your tongue.  Before I discovered this breakfast, sometimes I would eat eggs, or toast, or peanut butter on toast...or whatever.  But not now.  Now I would never miss this breakfast because it is so damn good.

I discovered it last September when the Canadian and I, and a friend of ours headed out to Bath for a weekend.  We stayed in a sweet little bed and breakfast that had, in addition to the usual 'full English' some yogurt and fresh fruit, which of course I ate because I've always loved yogurt and fruit.  

A side note about yogurt in England. I love yogurt, and generally thought that the States had a decent selection.  Uh. No.  The first time I went into a Waitrose (think, better than HEB not quite as good as Central Market) I saw four, very long, aisles of yogurt.  And I'm not talking strawberry and blueberry people, I'm talking 'champagne and rhubarb' flavors (for real, I tried that one.)  If you can name a flavor, they have it. Yogurt is like seriously a *thing* here.

So back at the bed and breakfast they had out this honey flavored yogurt and I tried that along with some various fruits and some granola...and it was like this incredible flavor explosion happened in my mouth and my brain.  I felt like I had won the taste lottery. 

And then I became obsessed with it -- until I realized I could just buy all of the ingredients really easily shopping online.  Oh, did you know I do my grocery shopping online?  I do.  It's awesome.  I mean seriously, can you imagine schlepping 15 bottles of wine for two miles?  Uh no.  Online grocery delivery is the greatest invention ever. 

So, here is the magic that is my yogurt concoction...and all of the ingredients come in neat little packages pictured below, delivered weekly to my doorstep.
Yogurt, cream and honey are the ingredients. OMG, mouth orgasm.
Pomegranate! I have only seen pom seeds (vs. the whole pom) once back in Texas in Whole Foods. Here, they're everywhere.
This package from Waitrose has pineapple, mango and passionfruit. Yes, PASSIONFRUIT! It's everywhere here.
A banana...mmmm.
Annnnnd, the granola topping.
I have all of these ingredients in my fridge/pantry when visitors come.  And every single person has fallen in love with some part of it.  My friend Maggie thought the granola was seriously the best she'd ever tasted.  Jen ate the mango and pineapple every morning.  Laura and Julia had the yogurt and pomegranate and granola -- and Laura thought the yogurt was the best she'd ever tasted in her life.  And I eat all of it. All together. Every single morning.

I know I'm going on and on about it, but I look forward to this breakfast almost as much as coffee.  So there you have it.  My full English breakfast not a big fry up, but a bunch of healthy crap.

What do you eat for breakfast...or, if you're an expat, what have you discovered that you obsess over eating?
6/24/2012 06:10:31 pm

The yoghurt here is definitely top-notch. I love Rachel's organic range. Will be adding that honey yoghurt to the list.

I am a huge fan of ice cream but find it lacking here. The only ice cream that comes close to amazing is anything by Green and Black's. And this might sound weird, but I am a huge loyal fan of John West tuna. So much tastier than Bumble Bee :)

I have loads more but I can't seem to remember at the moment.

6/24/2012 11:51:49 pm

Amazing that you discovered this bunch of goodness in London! I started eating it in Peru. Yep, granola, yoghurt and fresh fruit (and oh, I mean fresh) is a very typical breakfast in Latin America (did you not have the same experience?).

My main breakfast staple is cereal (to which I generally add fresh fruit and sometimes yoghurt or sometimes milk depending on the cereal). And although I know my own little discovery does not compare, we all know too well how damn hard it is to get your head around the grocery store in a foreign country! So I'm very pleased to have discovered Kashi, which has quickly become a favourite brand of mine.

Unfortunately online shopping doesn't seem to have quite caught on yet. My store does offer it but at a silly price and as I'm quite frugal... I'm afraid I do schlepp! But it has helped me cut down on my alcohol intake! ; )

7/31/2013 09:17:43 pm

Breakfast is the brain food. It is the most important meal of the day. It is said that we should eat breakfast like a king. Having a full breakfast is very helpful in weight reduction too. The tendency to eat fewer increases after having a good breakfast. Thanks a lot for sharing this page.


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