I've been reading this book, London for Londoners, trying to get a feel of the various neighborhoods from the local perspective.  In each borough description it gives an idea of the food options available in the various 'hoods within that borough.  This is extremely important information to me, as the Canadian and I are 'foodies' (even though I really don't like that term). 

To give you an idea of how much we love food, just the other day we were discussing our backpacking trip to Romania, Austria and Germany.  Did we talk about the castles? the churches? the Carpathian mountains? the shopping in Salzburg? the museums in Vienna?  No, we talked about EVERY SINGLE MEAL we had along the way.  (Oh and the massage by Boris the Romanian...man, I need to blog about that...)  Now, we went to the museums and churches and visited stores and took trains and had all sorts of adventures, but our reminiscences were largely about the food.  The odder, more uniquely cultural, the better!

The Canadian posted on facebook the other day that he is 'bored with the Austin food scene.'  It's only taken him 8 years to become bored with it, so that's a good sign, nonetheless, we are both realizing this move to London will open up some serious food opportunities -- both in London and across the channel.

Along these lines, I was googling some combination of food and London and stumbled upon this fabulous food blog, 'The London Foodie.'  Oh. Hell. Yes.  In particular, the blogger hosts a cooking club whereby the members pick a dish from a menu she creates (usually themed) and make it and bring it to her house -- and then devour it.  Drool.  Seriously. This is my happy place.

I love to cook. Love to eat. Love to travel. Love to drink. Love to meet new people.  Love to go to dinner parties....and now I love this London Cooking Club and I haven't even it attended yet -- but it combines everything I love.  Le sigh with happiness. 
1/10/2011 04:28:31 am

Megan posted this on the wrong post by accident so I'm re-posting it here -- and yes Megan, there is a lot of fabulous food in London! Large, multicultural, diverse city. Definitely!!:

Megan, blog reader, also a foodie

Mon, 10 Jan 2011 11:59:33

You know, people knock British food but there is some excellent stuff out there (even the stodgy comfort food is what you need sometimes!) In a big city like London there is such an eclectic mix anyway.

1/26/2011 03:40:03 am

If you find the good food in London let me know! For every good meal I have there's ten average ones I've had to eat to get it.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss all the flavorful food Austin has to offer.

Look forward to reading what you find!


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