You might be wondering what one does for 7 days at sea – well I’m not going to pretend it’s all luxury, fun and games.  It’s not.  There’s a lot of work involved like seminars and meetings to attend as well as schedules to keep.

For example, they want you to eat breakfast before 10 am – never mind that this morning I’d just had my coffee delivered to my stateroom at 8 am and needed at least an hour to drink it while watching the ocean go by before getting ready for breakfast. 
The view from my room
And on Saturday the Pilates class was really tough – I’m still sore!  And there’s so much walking, from one end of the ship to the other.  We had to walk from the pub for lunch to the Queen’s lounge for tea yesterday…exhausting. 

The drinking has been tiresome too – they had a bottle of champagne in our room waiting for us, and it would really have been rude not to drink it.  And of course it would make the Sommelier quite devastated if we didn’t order wine with dinner – no one wants to be responsible for a sad Sommelier. 

Plus, you’re subject to self-esteem issues. Yesterday, I took a watercolor class and our painting that day was a rose.  I carefully traced my rose and began laying down the colors.  I plugged away for almost an hour during which time the teacher walked around to everyone and complimented their roses, holding them up for the class to see.  She soon arrived at my station and said as she critically looked at my rose, “Yes, some people use that technique…” and then trailed off not knowing what else to say. 

I admit, my rose wasn’t exactly an O’Keeffe, but it’s not awful – see for yourself and let me know what you think.
The rose that prompted the awkward moment
So, it’s been really quite challenging adjusting to life at sea, but I guess I will have to adopt the English stiff upper lip and keep calm and carry on.

…more sea updates to come.
6/13/2011 02:42:05 am

Too cool lady!!! Sorry, I haven't been over here in a while. I hate GFC at times, blech. Anyways, have an amazing time, really looks like you are!!

6/13/2011 03:14:00 am

what fun! I've always wanted to take a transatlantic sail. (Hard work, though, too!)

6/13/2011 01:28:53 pm

Your rose is fabulous!!!

6/13/2011 09:48:05 pm

I'm am green with envy over here. So JEALOUS!

6/14/2011 03:48:17 am

I think your rose is LOVELY. About 1000 times better than anything I could do.

And you are very wise - a sad sommelier is a tragic thing. More wine!


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