This morning North and South Korea fired missiles at each other and the royals announced their wedding date.  In April when Kate and Will (as I would now like to call them, since we'll practically be neighbors and almost certainly dear friends when I arrive) marry, the Canadian will already be in England and I will be stateside (unless Kate and Will send the invite my way, in which case I will book my ticket forthwith!).  I'm a little nervous about being apart for about 3 months when the Canadian goes over early and I have to stay stateside to finish my coursework.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those simpering girls who has never been apart from her husband -- in fact, during the course of our five year marriage, we have never actually 'lived together' for more than a few weeks at a time. 

You see, the Canadian is a consultant, and with his previous job that he had since before we were married, he was somewhere in the world Monday through Friday, and sometimes over the weekend as well.  At most, he was home four weeks in a row, one time, in the last five years.  We spend a LOT of time apart.  Our texpatriation will be the first time that we will actually live a 'traditional' life where we are together in the evenings (I will explore this further in other posts since this is actually of great concern as well...).  But back to my original point, even though we've been apart quite a bit, it's never been for more than three weeks.  And now we are looking at three months.

I had another long distance relationship before the Canadian -- we'll call him Mr. Washington since he lives in Washington state.  We were together for 6 years, entirely long distance -- sometimes not seeing each other for six weeks or two months.  I think that was part of the demise of the relationship -- the lack of connecting to each other (this was long before skype and other ways of connecting) and all we had was the phone.  I notice that after about week 2 (apart) you start 'forgetting' what the other person looks like and after you see them  there is a period of adjustment and re-connection.  I know that I also tend to become very independent and creating routines for myself as a coping mechanism, which, when the Canadian comes home after a longer than five day time away and interrupts them -- an argument ensues.  This happened with Mr. Washington as well.  And with Mr. Washington, about the the time we'd reconnect, we'd be apart again, which is why he's married to Mrs. Washington and they have the two baby Washingtons and I am not with Mr. Washington and married to the Canadian.

I guess I've circled the point here -- but it was a train of thought -- as Kate and Will trade vows, I hope the Canadian and I are still happy we took ours...and not trading missiles like North and South Korea. 


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