You know when you lose something, you re-trace your steps to see if you can find it?  You search frantically for it, looking under papers, opening the dishwasher (once, I actually did put my keys in the dishwasher, no lie), you scour everything trying to find it? 

That's how I feel about my mind...I cannot seem to locate it.  It's not in the boxes I've been packing, or in my car which has devolved into a second closet.  It's not in my computer bag with the giant stack of papers collected over the semester and never organized -- nor is it in my computer where I have about 40 different tabs open on Firefox and 30 different documents open all at once...(and yes,  the computer *is* running slower now that you mention it...)  It's also not in the *three* papers I have due this week and next.

My mind is not in the three hour conversation I had on Thursday night with a friend that I can't tell you a thing about -- but suffice it to say, if you can imagine a million crazy things happening to someone, they did.  And, some of them (well most of them) impact me at least tangentially. It's also not in the email barrage that I get every morning from: movers, letting agents, the Canadian asking me about this or that, my professors, my friends or the spam guy telling me that my bank is concerned for my safety and I really need to give them my password and social security number so that I'm safe again.

I can't seem to find my mind at the board meeting I went to last night, making the incredibly hard decision with my fellow board members to close the doors on this extraordinary nonprofit I've been working with for years.  That's a long story that I might tell someday but today it's too hard and too sad.  I've also looked for my mind on my calendar which is filled with doctor's appointments (general checkups before I leave...), meetings, dinners, seminars and more.

I swear I've looked for my mind in The Rotten One's bed (did I mention I forgot to feed her yesterday?  She did get a peanut butter kong though...) and I've looked for it in the numerous closets, drawers, and chests that need to be organized and cleaned out before the movers arrive (June 6th).  It's not in the mail that keeps coming to my house, reminding me that I have got to figure out what to do with my mail...and it's not in the list of 65 things that I need to accomplish before the move.

So...if you see a mind running around somewhere (my grandad used to say he wanted mine because it was shiny and new -- since it had never been used) please return it to me.  I'm a little lost without it...

5/10/2011 06:49:50 am

oh, boy, do I know that feeling...

5/10/2011 01:25:51 pm

Hang in there! And remember, it's all in the journey!


I'm glad I;m not the only one who opens loads of tabs on Firefox!

It's because you've got a million things going on. It's like loosing a favourite jumper (thats a sweater over here, get used to it!!) under a pile of laundry. You'll be fine. Just keep up your momentum.

June 6th?! Wow!!

5/16/2011 07:08:46 pm

I can't find mine either. Maybe your brain is on holiday with my brain?

5/22/2011 06:55:36 pm

I have heard horrible things (they are very fee happy) about Foxtons. If I had known that you were working with them I would have tried to steered you somewhere else.

Good luck getting all the last bits sorted. You're *so* close. Will you be here for Fourth of July? Have you said and I missed it? Cause, since we are practically neighbors (or neighbours) y'all will need to come over to celebrate.

5/22/2011 10:35:58 pm

Fortunately we have been working with a relocation agent on our end (who isn't paid by commission, they are paid a flat fee by the Canadian's company) --

Foxton's was representing the homeowner and yes, I have heard that they are really sketchy/dodgy.

And no, I don't have any plans for the 4th so we should all celebrate for sure!!


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