...that France Part II is coming soon. 

I have had a guest for the last 8 days and I am absolutely beat (which is why I've been so absent).  Plus, at the beginning of the visit, there was an incident with the Rotten One.  And that's a whole 'nother story (as we say in the South), because it involved BIG drama and now the Rotten One is on probation.

So, look for, the rest of the France post, a post on the Rotten One, and a major giveaway soon...
This is where the Rotten One goes next time... (click for source)
9/10/2011 01:11:57 am

Oh noes! I hope this probation thing isn't serious. Poor girl.

9/10/2011 10:46:27 pm

Oh no! Poor dog! I hope she gets the hang of it soon because she's just going to love winter....


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