I cannot emphasize how gray and rainy it has been since April 1.  Cold, drizzling, gray rain.  Miserable, wet, windy rain.  As it turns out, this April was the wettest April on record EVER in the United Kingdom...and it didn't help my mood that the there were constant cries in the UK that there was a massive drought occurring. 

I finally asked a friend of mine about this very, very wet drought and she responded that the rain was apparently 'the wrong kind of rain'.  Of course it is.
And then it rained some more, the first three weeks of May, in fact.  And I was seriously about to lose the last shred of sanity that I had managed to duct tape together. 

But then, suddenly, magically, it was 40 degrees one day and 80 the next (literally).  And the last two days, it has been truly glorious.  I mean, y'all, I was sweating.  I *never* sweat in London. And I wore my tank tops!! Which had been sadly shoved to the back of a drawer, a memory of what it felt like to be warm and happy.

And I loved it so much.  I didn't realize how depressed by the weather I had become until I felt the heat on my cheeks.  It felt like I was finally coming out of the darkness. 

It's supposed to be this gorgeous for the next 10 days and beyond.  I wonder how many parks I can pack into one day?  I plan on spending days lounging in the sun with a good book in all of London's gorgeous parks...my reward for not turning into a homicidal maniac for the last seven weeks.  I think that's a fair trade!
5/23/2012 07:09:07 pm

We had the exact same weather in Brittany, France and I was depressed for weeks. I came pretty close to buying a sunlight therapy lamp, because I could not get the crankiness out. Thank goodness the sunshine had returned (at least for today).

5/23/2012 09:40:23 pm

you deserve to enjoy this sun! get out there!

6/7/2012 08:54:02 am

My first year here a Brit told me that I could always pick out the true Brits--when the sun cam out, even for a day, they'd strip. Tank tops, flops-- 60 degrees, no matter. It's true.
I hate to mention, but you do know tht might've been it for the nice summer weather. If you didn't buy that sun lamp last year, you might want to get on Amazon...


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