I almost hesitate to discuss this because it is such a ubiquitous topic in the expat world, particularly among female expats: the subject of trying to find a hair salon.

It took me years to find the perfect place in Austin -- and to find someone who can navigate my curls (which, have thoughtfully decided that they are now FRIZZ in this London humidity?! WTF?)  My hair is very thick, it dreadlocks underneath (unintentional on my part, it just thinks it's a Rastafarian), it's really curly and if I were in a facebook relationship with my hair, my status would say: It's complicated.
My hair looks a LOT like this photo -- in length and texture -- and of course we're both named Sarah. (Click for source)
The last time I had my hair done was in May -- and now, mama needs some hair lovin'.  After some intense research, I've found a salon that I hope, (please hair gods...please!!) can tame the mane.  The curls require some seriously complex cutting maneuvers to make them not turn into the triangle (curly hairs -- you know what I mean!)
(Click for source)
And of course (like everything about me...) the color is complicated.  There are some 6-8 different colors in my hair because Joey (my fabulously awesome stylist back in Austin) is a color goddess. I don't even know how to begin to explain what she does to someone because I usually let Joey have complete creative license with my color (yes, she's THAT good -- so awesome that I allow my overly-controlling, completely anal self to relax and let someone else take the reigns.  I love her.)

So, I'm booking an appointment for 2 weeks from now and I'm nervous as hell.  I keep telling myself that there *have* to be awesome stylists here because this is a BIG multinational city with people who NEED a good haircut and color. Right?...

Let's all cross our fingers this goes well -- if so, I'll shout the salon from the rooftops, but until then, I'm keeping quiet just in case it's awful.  But it will be fine. I know it. I tell myself.
7/20/2011 05:38:01 pm

I so feel your pain, and have had reveries about my Austin stylist lately, not to mention the Austin weather that was much better for my curly/frizzy hair!!! Hope your London salon works out for you, and if it does, please do shout it from the rooftops!!!

7/21/2011 12:04:36 am

As I'm sure you've discovered, many of the most extravagant (and overpriced) salons are around Covent Garden however don't be fooled by location.

The absolute best hairdresser's and colorists in London can be found manning independent salons right in your own backyard!

PS you are on my list of people to write and I feel completely lame that I've hijacked your blog to apologize!

7/21/2011 07:28:05 pm

Good luck! My first hair appt here was a DISASTER! I don't think the guy had every cut curly hair before and as I watched him struggle styling with the round brush I was cringing!
Now I go to a lady who is OK but not great by any means. I can't wait to get to Texas next month, talk out a cut in detail with the stylist, and then hope to heaven that the lady here can follow the lines.

7/26/2011 02:33:50 am

HELLO FROM A FELLOW CURLY GIRL! I went to http://www.brooksandbrooks.co.uk/ a few months ago - can't remember who I saw, sorry - and had a great cut. I was growing my hair out at the time so I'm sure it was a challenge for the stylist, but he was amazing. Highly recommended!

10/28/2013 04:33:45 pm

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