My cafe au lait and pain au chocolat. Bliss
Avignon was hot. And so was my cafe au lait the morning before the girls arrived.  It was accompanied by a pain au chocolat -- all of which constituted the best. breakfast. ever.  I felt quite French (minus the cigarette) as I sat there sipping my coffee, reading my book and savoring my croissant -- and I loved every minute of it. 

Sara (of Sara in Le Petite Village) and B (of Is there such a thing as too much cheese?) arrived early afternoon, and as soon as we all met, we knew we'd be friends FOR-EVAH, and here's why.  The first thing they said was, "It's Aidan's birthday next week, so we need to surprise her at dinner tonight! Let's go get candles!" (FUN! I love surprises!) and then, we needed to go into Sephora (because Avignon HAS a Sephora -- unlike London -- and girls NEED Sephora), and Sara forgot her pjs so we needed to do some cute clothes shopping (bonus), and then maybe we should wander around and find ourselves a drink?  Uh, yes please.

So, B, Sara and I went and ran our pre-Aidan errands - and then Aidan (of Conjugating Irregular Verbs) arrived!  And we went BACK to Sephora (which was awesome!!) and you know what we didn't hear? Complaining!  From BOYS!  Which was ALSO awesome.  Because you know who would have been complaining about two trips to Sephora within an hour? The Canadian (and probably the Husband of Sara who huffs and puffs.)

So, after our Sephora double-hitter, we headed out for our drinks. And we talked and laughed about things I cannot even begin to post about...because they were *dirty*.  And there were lots of secrets! And lots of the inside scoop on things you would never read in our blogs because some of it quite scandalous!! (Also, B told us ALL about the game 'front bum, back bum'...I'll let you draw the picture in your head.)

And then we moved to an Irish bar (in France, naturalement) and drank there until it was time to pimp ourselves out for dinner -- when went back to the hotel and spiced ourselves up as only girls can do.  AND we did girly things, like admired our dresses (Cute!! That's hot!!) and did hair (Sara flat-ironed Aidan's) and used our new stuff from Sephora -- and we behaved like GIRLS!  Which was fun, because sometimes when you're only around boys (the Canadian) -- you forget how much fun it is to have feminine confirmation on something like lip gloss or mascara.  And you can have hour long conversations about skin creams and the boy's eyes aren't watering from boredom. 

Then we took our spicy selves out to dinner, which, was delicious!!  And drank TWO bottles of wine.  All under the stars. It was quite romantic (at least as romantic as it can get for four married women.)  Then we headed back to the Irish Bar and drank some more until the wee hours of the morning.

The night gets a little foggy here, because I think I might have been a little drunk.  And for some reason, I was the only one hung over the next morning?  (Apparently, I'm a lightweight?) 

The next morning, after we'd all slept quite soundly, it was time for coffee (and tea for Aidan), where one of us (not saying who) googled "the one that got away..." -- and apparently, he got away and got his M.D. and is now a surgeon.  What might have been...

After the ex-boyfriend talk, we went across the street to the patisserie and acquired some breakfast food (I ate some cheese and bread concoction that was heavenly -- by why wouldn't it be??) and then made our way back to the hotel to pack.  The girls were headed back in the car and I was leaving by train (sadly) to make my way to London.

Honestly, my week in the south of France was one of my favorites -- between the heat, and beach time with the Canadian, and the overnight with the girls -- I was completely blissed out -- and in my head, I'm planning Hot Ladies Get Drunk Sometime After My Comprehensive Exams, 2011.

9/13/2011 12:48:28 am

Wow, it sounds like you guys had an awesome time!!!!! How fabulous!! I love all your little bits about how much fun you had without your men, sometimes I think I need more girl time.

9/13/2011 06:16:30 am

S--it was a fabulous evening and I loved the candles.....I think. I'm so glad you arranged the night away and am delighted to have you among my girlie expats. Bisous, Aidan
ps the # sucks but I will fight through it.

9/17/2011 12:11:17 am

Oh, this write-up just makes me want to be back in Avignon with y'all!!

It was too much fun and we need to do it all again. SOON!

Sadly, I don't even have the "I drank too much" excuse for telling you all about "front bum, back bum" - M was horrified when I admitted I'd told you all! hahaha!

xxx B

9/17/2011 03:43:22 am

Hey! Soon to be London blogger here! Found you through Wanderlust82's blog and I'm moving to London in mid-October and hoping to connect with some other bloggers! Looking forward to reading along!



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