The next morning the Canadian and I decided we needed some beach time...I'm not sure what it is about surf, sand and salty air, but it almost doesn't feel like vacation to me unless I've seen/walked on a beach. Since we *were* on an island, I was pretty sure there had to be a beach somewhere near Dublin.

Sure enough, thanks to Google and Tripadvisor we found a little suburban beach town conveniently on the DART route (uhhh, thats DUBLIN Area Rapid Transit -- not DALLAS, just in case you Texans were confused) called Howth (the o sounds like goat, not house). 

We made our way onto the DART and saw this sign:
Don't cheat the DART
In London it's a £30 fine if you ride the tube/overground without a valid ticket...looks like they might take it slightly more seriously in Dublin prosecuting to the tune of 435 to 900 Euros.  Needless to say, we paid for our ticket.

When we arrived in Howth, we both needed to use the restroom/toilet and as we exited the DART station we saw a sign for toilets.  Perfect.  But sometimes when you're traveling in one country you make assumptions based on other travels to other places. For example, often in continental Europe one has to pay for toilets, which we extrapolated to some toilets outside the station in Howth.  And so we put our money in the only thing we could see that accepted money:  
Not for toilets
We read that sign, and just assumed it was for the toilets. But, when we put in our 50 cent coin, it started a 15 minute timer....and we couldn't figure out why it would time you for the toilets when there was a line. The Canadian and I kept puzzling over this dilemma until we looked up -- and realized it was a space heater.  Folks, this just goes to show you that even with 3.5 university degrees between two people, that only means you can read a book -- it clearly is not an indicator of any kind of intelligence.

Anyhoo...awkward moment over...

We'd read on Tripadvisor that there were lovely cliffs one could walk along and so we figured, why not?  Nothing like a cliff walk to appreciate a gorgeous Irish morning.  And it was, truly, breathtaking
My favorite -- I'm going to have this blown up onto a canvas and hang it in my bedroom.
Emerald Isle
This guy was jogging. You can't see how steep this is or how close to the edge we were, but let's just say I wouldn't jog it.
Steps straight up the cliff
Looking up the side of the hill
After all that cliff walking we were thirsty and decided we needed a bottle of grape juice...
And then we scarfed down some fresh off the coast of Ireland seafood (and there are no pictures of the food AGAIN because I was too busy shoveling it in my piehole AGAIN!)

But, I did manage to get a photo of my half eaten and incredibly divine bread and butter pudding
After the meal we decided we needed our requisite "I'm on vacation" walk along the beach...
Fortunately the tide was out so there was actually a beach to walk on
The Canadian testing the waters to see if we could swim in it if we wanted to. (Notice the GORGEOUS blue skies?!? And his cute butt)
Someone drew a snowman...sandman?
These little piles were everywhere on the beach. I've decided they are jellyfish poop.
After our brisk stroll, we decided to head back to Dublin and get a pint at Mulligans -- an old pub where Sara's grandparents used to drink back in the day -- and it was nice to hear some local voices and not all of the tourists around! Plus, the Canadian was on a mission to drink Dublin out of Guinness, so you know, we had to make sure he went to different establishments on his quest.

We left Mulligans that evening and went over to our hotel bar which, apparently, has won several awards for best bar in Dublin.  I mean really, one shouldn't just take the critics word for it -- one should definitely test the drinks to see if it really IS the best bar!
I had a Mojo-jito and the Canadian had a Sazerac
We stumbled back to our room and were considering sleep when I decided I needed a chocolate chip my sweet and adorable Canadian, went and found me milk and cookies. My hero.
The wrap-up?  We LOVED Dublin.  Loved it.  Loved the people, the scenery, the bars, the busking -- everything. I am pretty sure a full on trip to Ireland is in order in the future!!
8/8/2011 04:39:52 pm

I'm so happy you made it to Mulligans!
And I told you the Mint Bar was good! I used to love popping in there for a cocktail :-)

8/10/2011 01:11:39 am

Sounds like you too had a blast - I've never been to Dublin but I want to really badly and you've just made me even more keen!

Lovely photos too - I really like the one you want to have blown up. Super pretty.

8/12/2011 06:40:22 pm

I just loved Dublin when I visited there too! It is the most incredible city. I went down to Limerick too once but haven't been in the area around Dubin. Your photos of the cliffs and beach are exquisite!It definitely makes me want to rush off and visit again, especially as Stephen hasn't been yet.


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