Once we had pried ourselves out of the hotel room (promising ourselves that life did exist outside the Presidential Suite) we headed out for -- well, honestly, you should know by now what the Canadian and I ALWAYS head for: booze and food. (Haven't you read this blog before?)

Along the way we encountered this -- the Dublin Zombie walk. The Canadian and I were somewhat perplexed to arrive in Dublin at the same time as 3,000 zombies but they seemed merry enough (in spite of their white faces with blood all over them) and I later learned it *was* for charity. I do like charitable zombies.
After leaving the zombies we continued on our path to food and booze.

Being the uber-prepared woman that I am, I had, earlier in the week, contacted my favorite former-Dublin resident Sara Louise and asked for a list of "where to eat and drink in Dublin".  With my list in hand we headed for our first stop - the Stags Head (a Sara recommendation). The incredible weather in Ireland coupled with a few drinks at the Stags Head and we were just a little bit giddy as we headed for dinner.  We wound up eating some traditional Irish food at a touristy but delicious restaurant called the Quays (here's their menu) and stuffed ourselves full of Boxty cake, Irish Salmon and Dublin coddle.  I don't have any pictures because I was too busy shoveling food in my mouth to hold the camera at the same time.  You understand the dilemma...
Stags Head. If you're going to Dublin anytime soon, we apologize for the shortage of Guinness.
After dinner we wandered a bit around the Temple Bar area, mingling with other tourists, enjoying the buskers and the fading sunshine.  I loved hearing the Irish accents (I've decided I like people who pronounce their 'r's - or rhotics) and what I especially loved was how much Dublin reminded me of Austin.  A city that's navigable, friendly, easy to get around, music playing, great people...pretty fabulous!

We finally headed back to the hotel and crawled into bed -- drunk, happy and dreaming of tiny little men with pots of gold and rainbows...(uh, not really but that seemed like an appropriately Irish thing to say...)

Dublin Part 4 coming soon!!
8/1/2011 07:43:21 pm

love that photo of guinness. you really can't drink it anywhere else.
aidan x

8/4/2011 05:44:04 pm

So happy you made it to the Stags Head!!


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