As we made our way on the train to Holyhead, Wales (where we'd catch the ferry to Dublin) we saw some beautiful scenery
Can you believe the gorgeous weather?!?!
And then the Canadian and I began to talk about the Welsh language. We both agree that if you were to turn your childhood scribbles into a pronounceable language, they would sound/look something like Welsh.  Just to further confirm our assertions -- we came to this train station:
See the sign? That's the station name...
Here's another view...
It comes with its own pronunciation if they think that would actually help.
We arrived in Dublin mid-afternoon and headed to our hotel, the Westin, just south of the river Liffy (isn't that a great name? Liffy! There should be a beer called that -- "I'd like a Liffy please"). 

The Canadian began checking us in and in the process the woman at the front desk informed us that the hotel was completely booked and that they didn't have the room we had requested available.  The hotel was incredibly apologetic (probably because the Canadian has platinum status left over from his days of traveling) and so they offered us the only upgrade they had available...the Presidential Suite. 

(Queue presidential music)

That's right folks -- it's true.  All of your assumptions that I very well might be the next president (you have been assuming that all along correct?  Certainly has something to do with the *stellar* writing quality of my blog...) were in fact realized in Dublin. 

And you know? I have to say, I kind of felt like the President when I walked in and saw all of this...
The living room...
Stairs just off the living room to the Presidential Office
The Presidential Office (upstairs) complete with phone to...the Kremlin? Batman? I didn't test it to see...any guesses?
The tiny bath off the study in case one couldn't get off the phone with the CIA while needing to do some Presidential business
When you're the president, you probably read a lot -- foreign affairs, the classics, maybe People magazine.  So it would stand to reason that you need your very own bookshelf in your fancy Presidential Office right?
This looks like a normal bookshelf in the Presidential Office...but...
But you know what else you need when you're the President?  YOUR VERY OWN SECRET PASSAGE ESCAPE ROUTE!!!
To the bat cave!!
The Canadian told me he couldn't believe I had figured out that was a secret door (he didn't notice it at all)...but seriously...has he met me??? The girl who has been reading Nancy Drew since BIRTH?!  His wife who loves (*cough* is obsessed with) James Bond, 007?!? Who grew up acting out murder mysteries? And who read Trixie Beldon and the Hardy Boys as a toddler and Agatha Christie in elementary school? Who else BUT me would find the secret passageway!!!???

After leaving the upstairs on that wing, you make your way back through the living room to the dining room...
For dining with the Prime Minister
And the Presidential boudoir...
For Presidential sexy-time
And the bathroom -- with a shower seat so I can shave my legs properly (bliss).  I seriously spent a good half hour in there shaving because back in London the shower has nowhere to put your legs so you have to contort yourself into impossible configurations to get everywhere...and this shower had a giant bench!! I was so happy...
And naturally it also had a jetted tub...
Please, come soak your cares away! (It said to me)
And then there's another set of stairs off the bedroom, which leads to...
Your very own gym!!
Martini - Steamed not stirred...
A steam room!!!  Seriously!!!  (And yes, the Canadian and I DEFINITELY had a steam)

But just in case you get dehydrated from your steam or your workout, they have thoughtfully provided some water and towels to help you cope.  It's a jungle out there...
So, after we toured the Presidential suite, and the Canadian informed me that in spite of my delusions I was NOT the President and that we should go see Dublin, so we decided to head out and wander around.  I told the Canadian to go plan our route...and so as he did that, I decided to head back upstairs and take a photo of him planning the rest of the trip (I have no idea why I did this...I just did)
Random photo of the Canadian planning Dublin sight-seeing excursions...
Stay tuned for more on our Dublin adventures!!!
7/28/2011 08:07:47 am

I don't think I would have left the room all weekend. What an awesome's like a condo or something.

7/28/2011 02:47:49 pm

Nice room!!! Awesome secret door. :D

Love the train station sign with the pronunciation guide. LOL

There's a Belgium beer called Leffe....that's pretty close to Liffy. :D

7/28/2011 03:26:23 pm

amazinggggggg. extravagant! And yes, Leffe is yummy!

7/29/2011 07:25:41 am

I work with Jodi from tasty touring! I'm based in Ireland and she asked me to give you some suggestions of places to see and eat while you are in Dublin. Drop me an email and I'll send some on!! Hope you are having a good time!!

8/10/2011 01:14:14 am

I am drooling over that amazing room - I'm surprised you ever managed to leave it!


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