I think we are acquainted enough that I can call you that?  I know most people will refer to you as the Queen Mary 2 but we have had enough interaction that I feel we can dispense with formalities. I'm writing you this letter to summarize our discussion today.  You see, I called your parents, Cunard, in a continued attempt to secure accommodations for my darling dog, Dacia (sometimes known as The Rotten One -- but rest assured, she never misbehaves, she's only rotten in the funniest sense of the word...I know you understand.)  It was so lovely to speak with Cunard.  My favorite part of calling is when they refer to themselves as "QNard" with the most proper of English accents.  It's so delightful, particularly in comparison to the American version, KuhNard.

In any event, I spoke with the most helpful woman today -- in fact -- far more helpful than the previous people with whom I've spoken.  You see, I'm the teensiest bit distressed.  When I found out that my husband and I were to move to London (yes, we are expatriating to your glorious country), we called our travel agent who booked us immediately on you!  This was back in August or early September.  We booked for the June 10 Eastbound sailing.  We tried to get a kennel for Dacia but there was only one available and it was not large enough and we were told that she would need that kennel plus one more.  So I asked if we could reserve that one and wait for another one to open up -- and was told no. I then asked to be put on the waiting list and were told there wasn't one, that I needed to continue to call back as often as possible in hopes that someone might have canceled.

So, several times since our original booking I've called -- sometimes Cunard has noted that I've called (they've asked for my booking number, sometimes not).  In each case I was told by the reservations agent that no kennels were available.  I called a few weeks ago and asked again to see if there was some sort of waiting list -- thinking maybe I'd misheard -- no, there was not.

Today I called Cunard trying to see again if anyone had canceled and the lovely and incredibly helpful reservations agent asked (after I explained the situation)
        "Have you put yourself on the waiting list?"
        "Oh!" said I "I was told there wasn't one..."
        "I do believe there is one -- please hold" and then "I can't reach the kennel but I'm trying to get my
        supervisor on the phone to see if we can assist you"
        "Thank you so much!" said I.  I was so grateful that she was so kind -- and with the loveliest of English
        accents...I thought maybe she might like to be my new best friend.  Well, I didn't go that far, but she really
        did go the extra mile.
        "Hello, I've been able to get the kennel on the phone, would you like to be transferred?" she asked
        "Yes! Please...thank you so much!!" said I, very excited! 
        And then a very charming and helpful English gentleman (Roger or Robert...I can't remember),
         also with a perfect accent, got on the line and asked how he could help.  I explained the situation
        and he said,    
        "Oh but we do have a waiting list!"
        "Oh -- you do??" said I.  I was so excited -- finally I could put my name somewhere!
        "Certainly -- let's get you on here -- you will be the third one down."  So thus we chatted, and he also offered
        that since my travel was somewhat flexible, other sailings might open up as well and that Cunard would
        contact me to see if I would be interested in one of those sailings.  This was such helpful information! 
        I was so happy to be on a waiting list!
We hung up the phone and I felt great that finally I was getting somewhere with trying to take Dacia over....
But then, dear Mary, something occurred to me.  I realized that, had the original reservations agent, back in September (or August) been informed of the waiting list I would be the first person on it -- maybe with a decent chance of getting Dacia on board!  I really don't want to be 'American' about this -- you know, pushy and confrontational -- that's why I'm writing you this letter -- just letting you know, in the most English way that I can, that I'm quite sad that I'm the third down on the list, despite my repeated attempts to get Dacia onto your lovely 12th deck.  So, all in all dear Mary, I hope this makes its way through the internet and you will have some sympathy for my plight.  Dacia really really wants to go.  She's asked me to enclose this photo as well in hopes that you will think she's extra adorable and let her live on your 12th deck for 7 days.

Much love,
your newest expat.                    

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