Every year I have a set of Christmas Eve traditions:
  1. Watch White Christmas
  2. Wrap gifts while watching White Christmas
  3. Track Santa on Norad
  4. Most Christmas Eves I go to a church service (I really love Christmas hymns...can't help it) but this year the Canadian has food poisoning so we will likely stay in.
  5. Put out Christmas baking for Santa (see my recipe this year here...)
  6. And a few years ago I started another tradition: watch Love Actually.

Love Actually absolutely melted me the first time I saw it -- and even though I had my ultimate Christmas movie with White Christmas, I knew I would need to make room for Love Actually also...and so, now I have two Christmas movie traditions.

I suppose adapting my Christmas tradition was somewhat of a premonition to my upcoming move to London -- I'm now going to have to adapt my entire life to London and it's certainly applicable that most of Love Actually is set in London. 

So, Merry Christmas from Austin this year and next year, I'll be watching Love Actually from my flat in London and wishing everyone a Happy Christmas instead.

And for you, dear Santa Claus, here's a photo of the treats I baked for you yesterday which will be waiting for you along with a big glass of milk tonight.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
Santa's midnight snack! Texpat Chocolate Almond Bar Cookies. Click the photo for recipe.

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