My family has this strange tradition -- I have no idea from where it originated -- but it has been going on as long as I can remember.  We yell out "Christmas gift!!" to each other and try to be the first one to do it -- before anyone else.  Now, mind you, there's no prize for this -- just the knowledge that on Christmas day you managed to yell "Christmas gift!" before someone beat you to it. 

This morning I tried to text "Christmas Gift" to my family, but my Uncle Paul texted back and said it had to be "in person or on the phone." So, apparently there are new rules that have been added to which I was not privy.  Technology will not interfere with our traditions, apparently.

Look, I have never claimed to have anything but complete dysfunction in my family. So, anyway from my family to yours, if you read the title of this blog post, then I beat you to it -- Christmas gift!!

We usually go spend Christmas in Fort Worth with MomE's enormous family (remember, she's one nine kids?!?!) but we were in Fort Worth last week so we decided to stay home and celebrate our last Christmas in our house in Austin for at least the next few years.  So, the Canadian and I along with MomE are headed to the Driskill hotel for a fancy Christmas brunch and I'm looking forward to stuffing myself with obscene amounts of food...I hope they have lobster.

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