For the last three days I've been a paper-writing ninja.  Getting a Ph.D. they have these 'requirements' that you actually have to write something meaningful -- so I've been deeply entrenched in the economies of Peru and Bolivia analyzing their development and global integration into the marketplace.     The Canadian has been awesome through all of the drama of this paper-writing -- getting me tea, coffee, and some peanut m&m's when I needed a sugar rush during the last two hours of working through all of my citations.  During one of my more frustrated moments the Canadian offered to make me breakfast tacos as a reward for writing 80 or so pages of somewhat boring discourse.  Now, you might wonder what a) breakfast tacos are (if you're not from Texas or at least the south or southwest or CA), and b) what on earth a Canadian would know about breakfast tacos.  Well, let me educate you on both counts.

First of all, let's talk about breakfast tacos.  Breakfast tacos are the most amazing intersection of Texas, Mexico and Breakfast.  In Austin and San Antonio, the taco creation scheme has become so legendary, even the New York Times wrote about it. Seriously.  So here's how it's done.  You need:
Tortillas (most are flour but the Canadian prefers corn)
Salsa (green, red or anything else)
and then the rest of it is customizable.
Typical ingredients are:
Cheese (usually Cheddar but I've seen American and Swiss also)
Potatoes (I have seen mashed, fried, and shoestring varieties in tacos)
Sausage or Chorizo (I've also seen picadillo)
Or really anything else you might want to put in there....

Then your ingredients are put in the hot tortilla and eaten dipped in salsa.  Let me assure you, it's divine.  Here are some photos evidencing the different kinds:
Many tacos are wrapped up in foil and taken to go! The perfectly portable breakfast!
These are the fancy version -- most are a little grungy but delicious!
This is more authentic!
Now you're educated on the food category of 'breakfast taco'.  As to the Canadian -- he has adapted surprisingly well to Texas food.  He was a pretty good cook before he texpatriated himself down to Austin but then he discovered the food in Texas - and fell in love with it.  I secretly think he may have married me to ensure his continued access to good Tex-Mex and breakfast tacos.  At one point during the course of our relationship he asked to learn how to make them, so I taught him, and he's been at it ever since.

Now, the good news is, we can make them at home so when I'm in London and I have a craving, I can whip them up.  The problem might come from the ingredients and having access to them. I will certainly be taking advantage of the Mexican food delivery websites (can be found on my expat links if you need it)  As an aside, you might wonder what my favorite taco concoction is? Egg, bean, cheese, shoestring potatoes and avocado.  Best. Ever.

Oh, I also thought, if you've stumbled across this and you're from the UK and are trying to guess how this breakfast taco concoction might taste? -- I would liken it in the tiniest sense to a Cornish breakfast pasty.
3/2/2017 09:50:25 pm

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