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I'm going a little crazy on the 'research' for moving to London.  I admit it -- I can't help myself.  I think it's my way of processing the move, to gather infinitesimal amounts of information about life in the UK so as not to fall apart in complete horror that my world is different once I arrive.  Preparation.

So, I've been posting questions on my new favorite forum for US expats to the UK AmericanExpats.  (I've linked to this and other great expat sites here just in case you need some advice months before you move as well) Even though it's 6 months before my move, I'm asking all sorts of questions about what I need to know before I move. (Nerd.)

The main thing you need to know (as I am passing on this knowledge to you), apparently, is that it's very important to have double glazed windows.  Being a Texas gal, with amazing weather 89% of the  time, I have no real cognizance about windows.  According to the Canadian, it's a law in Canada that all windows must be double - glazed.  Turns out this is not unanimous to the rest of the Commonwealth since it's apparently not the case in cold, damp, England, where according to the posts on the forum 'no amount of heating will keep out the cold and damp if you don't have double-glazed windows.'  All of those gothic romances I used to read about drafty homes on the moors of England were, apparently, were not partaking in gothic hyperbole -- they were describing a natural occurring phenomenon -- the lack of double glazing. 

I am already starting a list of things to ask of the realtor once we arrive -- and it's divided into deal-breakers, very important, and nice to have (bet this realtor will LOVE me) -- and double-glazing is now a deal-breaker.  Good to know.

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