I've promised you some TEDxAustin updates and finally they've begun posting the videos so that I can actually share the speeches that impacted me.  I'm not going to post them all at once but over the next few months.  Some of the speakers were good and some were exceptional, and some of them just had incredible messages. I'm only going to share the ones that truly shifted me internally in some way. Everyone is different, and what made me have an Oprah 'a-ha' moment, might not be the same for you, but, there is a lesson in all of them, and this video, especially, is incredibly touching.

The speaker in this video, Gilbert Tuhabonye, absolutely made me dissolve into tears.  He has experienced unspeakable tragedy (I'll let you watch the video...it's more impactful) and yet, he moved into a place of not only  acceptance but joy about life.  I have been using his story as my barometer these days when I am frustrated and angry or feeling betrayed and hurt. 

That is not to say that I diminish my own feelings, I believe that they are valid and I'm feeling them for a reason, it's just that Gilbert's journey helps me to respond differently to my feelings -- to say, ok, I'm really hurting, and that's ok, is there a way that I can turn this around and make it positive -- where can I find the joy?

And yes, I still stomp around, and complain (and, uh...give a bad driver 'the finger'...because I might have done that yesterday...) but, Gilbert is my 'check and balance' -- and for that message I am truly grateful. 
As an aside, my sister has done a lot of work in Burundi, where Gilbert is from, and I've spent a great deal of time studying ethnic conflict in this region both of which make this story all the more palpable to me. (If you watched it, I'd love to hear what you think...)

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