In the last couple of weeks many -- let's call them experiences -- have happened.  Some good, some bad, some almost drove me to murder a tiny, honey-making French dude in Cassis (more on that in another post) but you're probably wondering things like "how did your move go?" and "did you ever get any compensation from Deutsche Bahn from your horrible train experience?".  Well, let me update you.

So, as you know, we had to move (more on that here and here).  The contract was finally signed by all parties (which seemed to take an egregiously long time, but, whatever) and we had a house.  So, last Thursday a team of movers came over and packed the house, Friday those same movers came and transported the boxes, and Saturday a team of cleaners arrived to clean the old house.  Now, here's where it gets goofy.

Remember when I mentioned that my landlord was a little crazy? I didn't go into a lot of detail then because, you know, he was our landlord, but suffice it to say, he was a MESS of a landlord.  Everything he did was half-assed (which if you know me, you know my attention to detail in the house department and you know how it drives me CRAZY when something is not done well).  So all summer long there were tons of these poorly executed 'projects' all over the house.  Two enormous planters out back with giant olive trees in them...except he only planted one olive tree and left the other one just sitting in the planter...filling with water.  He re-tiled the front walk but hired the cheapest guy possible (who always missed the toilet in our downstairs bathroom and pissed on the floor!!), so the tiles were crooked.  And the renovation around the house is the same way. 

In any case, at one point this summer the landlord casually mentioned he'd like his brother-in-law to see the house (while we were out of town) because "he'd never seen it before". I said "uh...sure?".  It kind of weirded me out but when it's not your house you don't feel like you have a lot of say in things.

Fast forward to when our landlord told us he wanted to move a 'family-friend' into the house and was breaking our lease. And then fast-forward again to cleaning day.

So, the Canadian and I show up on cleaning day to the house.  We had bought some spackle so that I could touch up the holes where our paintings had been, and, I wanted to make sure that the cleaners were doing a good job.  As we walk in the door (around 10 am) two people with New Zealand accents (our landlord was from NZ), come down the stairs.  They said "oh hey, we're the new tenants we were just looking around"

A) How did they get in?  Well as it turns out, our landlord had given them a set of keys -- which means that someone who was NOT our landlord and not us had had a set of keys since this summer.  Which is completely unacceptable. And weird.

B) He was the brother-in-law.  I have no idea why the landlord lied to us that he was moving in a family friend when he was really moving in his brother-in-law, but, we figured out that was why our landlord wanted his BIL to see the house this that he could rent it as soon as the break clause in our lease became available.

C) Our contract stated that we had the house until 2 pm that day.  Those people were in our house at 10 am. Not ok.  And then they asked us if they could move in at noon.  We told them no, that the contract stipulated at 2 pm move-in -- plus the cleaners weren't even close to being finished.

So I finish up spackling the nail holes in the wall and head back to the new house while the Canadian stays on and finishes up some of the things he had to do around the house.  Around 12:30 the BIL knocks on the door again and asks to move in -- when we had already told them no they couldn't -- plus the cleaners still weren't finished.  The Canadian told them no. Again.

Around 1:15 the cleaners finished the house...and the Canadian just stayed there (on principle) waiting until 2 pm. It starts getting dark here around 4, so, frankly I hope they were moving in, in the dark. 

But remember when I said I hoped our new landlords were awesome?  Well they are -- they're so lovely AND they left me a plant with a note saying how much they had loved living in this house and hoped we would too.  And love it we do.  There's a rainfall EN-SUITE shower (seriously! we don't have to walk down the hall to use the bathroom! And the shower head doesn't fall off every time I use the shower!).  The grout in the shower isn't crumbling every time I shower and it doesn't leak onto the floor in giant puddles every time I shower either!  And, there's not a dead animal under the floor-boards in the office!!!  Rotting! (uh, yes, that was in our old house).  I mean frankly, it's great.  It's a gorgeous house and while we are spending more on it, it is worth EVERY dime. 

As to the other pieces of life...well, I did get some compensation from Deutsche Bahn.  Their derailment cost me around 500 Euros of additional train tickets and the overnight in Belgium.  Know what they sent me?  45 Euros. 
Think whatever you'd like...

And, I'll write more on this later but if you're wondering how our trip to the south of France for the Canadian's race went, check out Sara's blog for Part 1 and Part 2 of that story! More on that next time!


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