My best dude friend from university told me one day "I LOVE to move" -- I wonder what my face must have looked like when he said that.  It was likely some mix of horror and and disgust and complete incomprehension.  Who loves moving?!?

I can assure you, that with the exception of the glee I get from ridding my life of unnecessary clutter, I cannot stand moving.  Except now the Canadian and I have to move.

The Canadian and I were somewhere in Greece, enjoying heat and sunshine when we checked our email....and saw a message from our landlord that he was exercising his right to break our lease ("hopefully it's not too inconvenient for you") so that he could let some 'family friends' move into the house.  The Canadian and I are certain his motive is to  draw up a new lease at a higher rate -- he just isn't so altruistic as to kindly let some friends live in his house in London for charity.

Now, this guy has been somewhat of a disaster of a landlord, so the bright side is that we'll be rid of him (and hopefully with a new and fabulous landlord who welcomes us with chocolate chip cookies and tickets to Wicked. A girl can ask right?).  But, it means we have to move.  As if a transatlantic move in the last year isn't enough.

And, trying to find a place that will fit our furniture, accept the dog and be in a reasonable location for the Canadian to get to work all for a decent price was a SERIOUS challenge when we moved over here and I can't say I'm not anxious about finding a place one year later when rental prices have increased 8% across the city.  We've been looking at properties online and the prospects are really discouraging -- too expensive, too far away, too small etc.

I'm really trying to find a bright side (getting rid of this landlord, possibly exploring a new neighborhood if we leave this one, getting rid of any excess stuff we've accumulated, getting to organize and use my label maker (i.e. indulging my OCD about organization))  but, it just seems really frustrating.

In other news...

We had a fabulous trip to Italy, Turkey, and Greece.  Then, four days after we arrived back home MomE arrived for a visit and I took her to the south of France (where I got to hang for a few hours with my pal Sara!) and Seville, Spain. She's leaving tomorrow, and then I have meetings all day Tuesday with estate agents to look at houses.  Wednesday the Canadian and I leave for Munich to head to Oktoberfest.  We come home on Saturday and then Monday I have more meetings with estate agents. 

In the meantime, my dissertation prospectus is suffering A) because my advisor was in Africa and wasn't responding to emails during the time I had *planned* to work on my dissertation B) I left on vacation when she returned from Africa C) now I'm in the middle of a move. 

So, that's most of the major life events going on these days.  More on the move as it occurs.


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