You know what's awesome? Proper Tex-Mex.
And driving a car everywhere.
And seeing friends and family.
And iced-friggin-tea.
And cheap pedicures.
And 75 degree days.
And cheap restaurant food.

And clothes/shoes that fit. And are half the price of London. 

You know what's not awesome?  Being away from the Canadian and the Rotten one.  That makes everything else not as awesome. 

But still. ICED TEA. Y'all.

One week from today I leave to go to Texas for 2 months.  TWO WHOLE MONTHS!!!

It started as going down there because of the Canadian - his work has an annual company gathering and they are paying to send us back for that.  Then that coincided with some meetings I needed to have in New Orleans with my committee.  All of which coincided with London's winter.

Now here's what I'm learning about winter here.  I (in my naivete) thought that winter in London was like Seattle...drizzly, gray, overcast.  That is the kind of weather for which I prepared.  What I did NOT prepare for was the WINDS. I didn't even understand what the word blustery really meant until I moved here.  I can handle the rain. and the cold....but the WIND.  I've been been blown backwards more than a few times by the 65 mph gusts...

So, needless to say, I'm not sad about leaving the wind for eight weeks. That's the Good. Eight weeks of TexMex, Poboys, warm weather, spice in my food (I have SO missed spicy food), and my FRIENDS.  Cannot wait to see everyone!

The Bad:  I will *really* miss the Canadian.  Even though for the 5 years before we moved to London, the Canadian was gone almost every week, I've now become used to him being around all the time and it's going to be hard not to see him for eight weeks. 

The Ugly:  We've had quite a bit of sad news around here the last few weeks.  On Christmas Eve the Canadian's grandad went into the hospital with a stomach virus.  He'd been really ill for several days and was dehydrated and disoriented.  The Canadian's grandmother called an ambulance to take him to the hospital because she could no longer care for him at home and he was deteriorating.

On New Years Eve, he passed away in the hospital.  To make matters worse, two days ago, the Canadians grandmother had a heart attack.  Not really surprising since she's always had a weak heart, and her husband of 65 years just passed away.  The good news is, she had the heart attack in her heart doctor's office.

I mean, if you're going to have a heart attack, I'd say the cardiologist's office is probably the best place to have it right?  All things considered...

So, she's in the hospital right now but it's rough going for everyone while we wait for next steps.

The good news is, when I get back to London in mid-March, it will be almost springtime, and the sun will set MUCH later than 3:45 pm (yes, you read that correctly...3:45 pm!!!!!!!!!) 


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