Hey, we have a winner!  But before I tell you who it is, I wanted to chat a bit about all of the comments on the giveaway post.  I asked you to tell me about your most brilliant domestic accomplishment and I was so impressed by all of the amazing things each of you have done.  Not all of us are brilliant homemakers, and I'd venture to say, most of us just work at getting through the day with our sanity still intact, but you all have really taken on some pretty cool projects!

I'm going to share a few of your comments below, but each of you tackled something challenging, or new, or sentimental, or frustrating, and I think every single one of you should pat yourself on the back.  Making this move to London has forced me to do a LOT of cleaning and organizing that I have put off for far too long (uh hello, my CD collection? and going through my clothes?!)  So, my hat is off to all of you for your perseverance, creativity, hard work that you've done in trying to get through life with your own blend of panache and savoir faire.

A few comments:
From Joy, The Herbed Kitchen
One morning, without even really thinking about it, my daughter and I slathered slices of toast with cinnamon peach jam and sat on the balcony to eat. Nothing extraordinary until I realized we had baked that bread together and las summer, we canned that jam. It was such a part of our lives but we had done it!

From Susan Smoaks
i am not very domestic but i did make curtains out of sheets and i am proud of that!

From Melizza, Mujerboricua
I recently took up sewing and managed to sew my new niece a dress. If it falls apart on her is one thing but I sent it off completely stitched and re-sized for her ever growing body. Hoping it lasts through the summer because it came out hella cute.

From Sand
Learning how to cook has been an interesting experience but last year when I hosted a brunch and made everything from scratch, everyone was blown away.

From Ed Nemmers
I make a magnificent Sweet Vidalia Onion Pie!

From Kylie C
Having never upholstered anything before I re-upholstered two wingback chairs last fall. I used a library book as a guide. They look good but more importantly they haven't fallen apart!

Meg at Ameringlish wrote a whole post about her accomplishments!

From Judith
My most brilliant domestic accomplishment was to give my husband cookbooks for his birthday. Now, he does all of the cooking - and baking.

From Jolene
i recently made a kick ass mexican lasagna that was so good my boyfriend keeps wanting me to make it again! It was meatless too...

From Debbie
I have been learning to preserve my own food. I have been dehydrating all kinds of fruits and vegetables, canning, and having a huge garden.

Beveanne Mckinley
i'm learning how to cook and its been 3 meals since the fire alarm went off or anybody got sick

Melissa B
I 'brilliantly' squeezed a family of four into a travel trailer for six months while we looked for a house to buy. Our own house had sold far quicker than expected and we had been left in a lurch. Thanks to creative minimization, we survived it!

There were a lot of you who painted your houses or rooms, took on sewing projects and cooking projects -- each you is really a superstar in my book.  And now...for the drawing!

True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 16
Which means...MEG! Has won!!  Congrats :)  I will contact you and send over your book AND my grandmother's banana pudding recipe!  Thanks again to all who entered!  I have another giveaway coming soooon!!!

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