For the past 5 days I have been in Fort Worth to see family.  I won't go into the sad circumstances behind it (because frankly, I really don't like reading sad blog posts) but suffice it to say it was an emotionally exhausting time for several days there.  I actually have two sets of family in Fort Worth -- my MomE's family and my paternal grandmother (Mama).  I haven't really introduced Mama yet -- she's quite a presence actually -- but I think if you've ever watched Keeping Up Appearances with Hyacinth Bucket (Boo-kay) then you have met Mama.

So I arrived in Fort Worth and spent a lot of time with MomE's family but my trip coincided with a big party that Mama was hosting at this fancy schmancy club and my sister and I were invited to attend.  So we stayed at a hotel not far from the club.  We called the valet to bring around our car, which happened to be a rental Tahoe.  (The Canadian and I are a one car family and since I had to leave town in a hurry to be with my family, the Canadian needed a vehicle so he drove up separately a few days later.)

So, we (the Canadian, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Sister's friend and me) get down to the carport and I walk out to the Tahoe to put the Christmas gifts in.  I lift the back door and my sister says, "Are you sure that's your car??"

Me: Of course that's our car -- the Canadian rented a Tahoe (I say this as I'm piling in the gifts)
Faceless Voice: Actually thats MY car!!

At this point, I turned and saw a very angry blond woman staring at me with her hands on her hips.  I look back at the Tahoe and realize, the interior colors are different!  Hers is black and ours is tan.  I started sputtering some apology while trying to push down the automatic back door -- which then made a horrific grinding noise -- echoing in the carport.  I jumped away (nearly falling over myself in my high heels on the cobblestones) and stumble towards the OTHER black Tahoe (slinging Christmas gifts) to hopefully make my speedy getaway. 

As we jumped in the car my sister said, "My favorite part was the grinding noise as you shoved the automatic door down.  That was awesome." 

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