(Note: I *know* the difference between Champagne and Sparkling Wine...do not give me grief over this.  I am using them interchangeably for the purpose of this blog post because I am slightly hung over and do not feel like I should have to type out Sparkling Wine the entire time.)

I recently told you about my cheese addiction (I also have a lobster addiction...more on that story later.  Maybe I will post that tomorrow?).  As it turns out, I have many addictions, but I'm a little nervous that you might become overwhelmed so I'd like to go slowly in revealing them to you.  Today we'll discuss my Champagne addiction.

After a great deal of thought this morning, I think I've pinpointed my original obsession with champagne. One of the few things I learned, in all of my years of college French, was about this drink called a Kir Royal, which is a typical drink in France (Basically Champagne and Cassis (Black Current) brandy-- YUM). 

In my college french courses we used this curriculum known as French-in-Action, a bad 90's semi-dramatic story of the meanderings of girl named Mireille and her strange pursuits. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then I apologize, but if you do, I probably just gave you a horrible flashback to your high school/college french classes.  In any case, I think in one of the French in Action video episodes, Mireille orders a Kir Royal and thus, I wanted to try it as well.  So the next time I was in France I did - et voila! An obsession with bubbly drinks was born.

Kir Royal with a twist.
Now, with my new-found Champagne obsession, there has been an accompanying desire to try all unique Champagne delivery mechanisms.  There is of course, the standard bottle with the cork, and recently I've seen mini bottles and screwtop bottles, and one of my new favorites, Sparkling Shiraz (MMMMM).  If you ever come to one of my parties, you will likely experience this recent invention of bubbles and red wine.  Heavenly!
In addition to my Sparkling Shiraz discovery, about a year ago, I stumbled upon: Champagne in a can.  Oh Sofia Coppola -- you deliver a portable, straw-accompanied, delightfully refreshing glass and a half of Champagne in a sweet, hot pink, can.  How I love you for this.  I keep these stocked in my fridge -- for Champagne emergencies!!  You just never know!

What I also love about these is that you don't have to commit to a full bottle if you just want a glass...and even though I HAVE, in fact, drank an entire bottle (or two...) of Champagne, it's nice to just be reasonable sometimes and have only a little can.
The reason I bring all of this up, is, last night I might have celebrated the end of my finals with 3 of Sofia's lovely cans...which is 4.5 glasses and so I *might* be a little hung over.  This, however, did not stop me from googling "Champage in London" whereupon I discovered this website: Sparkling Direct.  These folks in London will deliver Champagne within 24 hours right to your door!  London, we are going to get along just fine.
12/9/2010 07:58:40 pm

I LOVE Kir Royales! I spent my 30th birthday weekend sipping Kir Royales all around Manhattan! Best birthday ever! And from now on, every time I sip the deliciousness that is the Kir Royale, I've got bad ass memories too! xo

12/11/2010 10:16:22 pm

Stop the press!

Champagne in a CAN!?!?!


How did I not KNOW about this til now! It's like a Christmas miracle!

Except that I won't be able to buy it in France as it would be considered far too "démodé" and against the Rules of Champagne which can only be called Champagne if it's from Champagne and yet everyone in the world still calls sparkling wine Champagne, so chalk that one up as a FAIL.

Anyway - hi Sarah! Hope the hangover is all gone.

1/15/2011 01:40:49 am

I LOVE champagne! I never knew you could get it in a can though!


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